Sometimes when I try to punish a character with a slide (i.e. Rose, Sim, Bison, Blanka) I eat a throw. Or somtimes with a Rose, I eat a into soul spiral. What is the recovery frame data on their slides on block? Do they recover faster than the time I can throw out a cr. jab or a sweep? I know slides done from max distance are safe, but most the players I’ve played online aren’t doing this from max distance. Am I just being caught off-guard?

One more thing, with Sim, what is the startup on his teleport? It felt like I couldn’t jump in on him or maybe I haven’t got his wakeup timing down. Also, what’s the best way to counter a Sim who is teleport happy with J. fierce punch?

It depends on the character for sure. Some characters have really long slides (e.g. lots of active frames), those are the ones you’re probably familiar with like Claw and Dictator. Because they’re really negative on block, and have a lot of active frames they can make them safe at a distance. In contrast are the short slides like Cody, Rose and Dhalsims df+lk (he has other slides as well). These have only a few active frames and overall have a really short duration so up close and at a distance they’re usually positive or even at worst. They use these a lot of tick throw setups. In those cases it’s good to just go for a throw if you block, or go for ex.hb. You can jump and all that jazz, but if you do it too early, they might start getting creative with the followups afterwards instead of believing they’re 50/50ing you.

If you’ve got really good reaction,,, and are all very good against slides. It’s just hard to react to them, but if you do connect, you’ll hit it clean 100% of the time. You can also judge the distance, walk back slightly and whiff punish, the proximity blocking boxes on short slides isn’t so good i believe.

Maybe we should add a slide punish thread somewhere here and also a mixup escape thread lol.

3nigmatic pretty much explained slides correctly. To deal with a Sim player spamming teleport Fierce the best thing to do is to wait for it and right after the teleport do Cr. Fierce and then while they role back from being Antiaired you should jump at them with jumping roundhouse to keep the pressure because they do not have enough time to get away other than teleporting. If you do this once and they teleport away from that setup just option select TAP and you will not only hit them but you will keep them in close range which is where you want them.

When I play slide happy players I try to space them to the point where if they slide I can punish with standing roundhouse on reaction. The only character it really works on well is rose. For sim just go for the throw after slide everytime because he can’t really do anything else to you if he is super close to you after the slide. If he slides at you from a distance and the slide barely hits your hit box just walk back slightly so you don’t get hit with a random super trying to punish his slide or things like that.

Certain characters it’s hard to punish slide like cody but yet again if they spam it just space it out and whiff punish. Bison is the easy to punish because bison players will use the slide when they are about 2/3 or 3/4 a screen away. If they are 3/4 screen and you see the slide coming just neutral jump fierce and punish. If they are spacing you from about 2/3 screen away it is hard to react with jump in time so the best thing to do is to either focus lvl 2 on reaction or focus forward dash and absorb the slide then punish with a jab HB combo or a combo to slide using his standing strong to juggle from crouching to standing position.

Oh yea and if you know the timing for some characters you can do ex straight rush punch to punish some slides right after they are about to recover but this is risky because it will whiff if you miss time it and you can be punished.

yeh, use ex.smash when in doubt since it can’t be low profiled. Don’t do this too often with sim though, He has one of the only slides that’s special cancellable. (this ONLY applies to his df+lk slide).

AS many have said it’s down to the character and the use of a slide…

A Bison (Huge ass long slide) who just happens to throw one out relatively close to you is so easy to punish on block with Cjab into whatever. Good Bisons, however, avert away from slide at such distances and may try to bait counter-hits (CLK Scissors) if you mash jab on a slide that was executed at the appropriate range which makes it end almost the moment it hits you, just keep your eyes open for the spacing.

As Eni has said, Forward and all it’s variations are solid against slides (Really like crouching forward for them as it’s decieving, itself) and don’t forget you can Forward-SUPER OS against people being reckless with slides much like you would have seen countless times from the known Boxers vs things like Rufus Rolls etc

I found this thread running through the forum so I thought I would give you some intel as I am a Rose player. I do not know Boxer enough to tell you what you should use as a punish, but my explanations should help you find out what to do.
On the technical side: Rose frame slide has 8 active frames and is -6/-3.
So at best Rose will end at +1 on block/ +4 on hit. is 4 frame startup and can combo from a perfect slide.
C.lp is 3 frames
Close standing MK is unthrowable
From max range slide , Rose cannot Throw you except if you press a button, so no need to untech, but the other options listed below are still available to her

So on the game side :

  • If the slide is deep punish at your ease in any case, but throw is NOT you best punish I think.
  • If Rose is godlike(last active frame of the slide), she can combo into
    However, even if the slide is block, she has some good frametrap so do no press any button after a block slide from max range except if it is a special move with invicibility. .
    *If the slide is not perfect(let’s say from frame advantage from -2 to +3 ), this is where you have to make some guess ( except if you are using an invicible move).
    On hit: Rose can still have a good frame advantage and has several viable options.
    On block: Rose might be even or slighlty negative.

Rose options after slide.

  • C.lp(3 frames): counterhit a lot of the opponent moves. But the opponent might be out of range if he blocks.
  • OS drill : counter hit a lot of opponent moves and kill back dash with drill if whiff
  • OS : counter hit a lot of opponent moves and will
  • Throw
  • block and wait/punish
    (- (4 frames startup and 4 active frames): can stuff some opponent moves as well but boxer has a 3 frames so it might not be a good move in this matchup
    (- St.MK : might go over some low moves to score a counter hit)
    (- Back dash punish with standing HK but backdash is very risky against boxer )

Be careful with throw punish because:

  • Rose might be out of your throw range if she blocks after slide.
  • She might do unthrowable Close st.MK and stuff your throw.

I remember Boxer has some armor moves that might shutdown a lot of rose options.However, this is leaving you open to Rose’s throw as those moves have slow startup(I think ???).
Ex head but is invicible but I am not sure you can punish a near max range slide with it as it might whiff over Rose ???

Also be careful of
-far away(whiffed) slide into C.HK,standing HK,, St.Mk or all of Rose zoning moves. But I am sure a boxer with charge can handle those pretty easily.
-backdash after a blocked slide because Rose can punish it with Clp or Cmp OS Drill setup or even on reaction with c.HK.

If Rose became predictable or if you see the slide, Balrog can punish on reaction:

  • sweep ; it stuff Rose’s slide.
  • Focus Absorb lvl2
  • Also if you have charge : your armor move can absorb the slide move and punish it
  • Super, Ultra

To punish the slide before you get hit or go into hitsun is the best way and this is scary for us rose players !!

I hope this help.