Sliding Cower Cover (CC) AE ver 2012*

Since the AE 2012 patch is coming out really really soon. I think it is best that we create a thread dedicated to discovery of advantages, weaknesses, uses of the oiled Cower Cover / Crouch [Down + PPP]

At this moment I am curious about its:
A. Effectiveness and safety as a tool to close in on opponent & responding to / mixing up jump ins
B. Will it maintain any invincibility in back dash version / whether it has any at all?

Don’t be afraid to add more if you can think of any!

Bah! Can’t wait to try this!! This could have some really good potential, I just hope prays that you can cancel at any part of the dash…although I wouldn’t be so sure because of the Hakan we saw trying it in the 2012 vids, well, he was struggling a bit to get the sliding motion.

We’ve seen it as a crossup, and it looks pretty good, mixing it up with attacks, and throws, could be interesting. I also wonder if you’d be able to remove the charge from charge characters by sliding under them.

I also like the idea of sliding under pokes into grab/ultra range, haha.

The distance of backdash with CC should be noted.

The first thing I might try is oiled slide > press > dash >CC for a potential cross-up, sounds simple enough right?

Day 1.

In my first tests, I cant cross an opponent up after oil slide>press. He doesnt move fast enough to get to the other side and recover before the opponent awakes. However, Hakan does slide faster/slower depending at what point in the dash you cancelled into the coward crouch. Theres momentum tricks to be had here.

Ive only been messing with this for 10 minutes, but I cant seem to cross the opponent up and recover yet off our basic bnb knockdown situation (slide press)

Stay tuned. Everyone better post a bunch today, gonna sit down for a couple of hours soon with a notepad and take a bunch of stuff down.

your can lk. oil dive after a focus crumple that is all i found that he couldn’t do before. Gives potential to cornering jumpy opponents in the corner if you have Ultra 2 stacked.

Looks like focus shoulder HK/ex dive works on honda and a few others at least when set to crouch. Focus ex oil dive now works too. None work on blanka, cammy.

s. jabs links doesn’t seem to be easier.

c. HP is only 100 dmg… And seems to be -2 on hit. Can’t punish it with hakan’s grab but can with gief’s.

Apparently, you have to press forward or back to move the guard position around, during a DGPC (dash guard position cancel). Plus, you can GP at any time during dashes, forward or back. Cool!

Also to add when oiled cancelling from oil dive into CC now slides a bit as well though I have no idea why they made it like that O.o

**Also off the CC topic I am so amazed at how easy it is now to intimidate people with lk oil dive in their face the animation is short and fast gosh damn! I can now happily one frame grab people only my problem is still I mess up the input a lot.

I’ve tested ver.2012 already…let’s look what I found…

  • The uncrouchable dive (all version) works on EVERY CHARACTERS! (Cammy, Dhalsim, Yun, Yang, Honda and Blanka included).
  • (At the close range) If u do a combo cr.MK into HP Slide (no follow up), Hakan will cross-under the opponent. The new mixup begins.
  • All version of Oil Dive is a lot faster than before.

Hakan is much stronger in ver.2012.

Just for the sake of information and order I’m putting the video that Samurai Drew posted on the video thread section. This video piece has some CC technology. So for those who are wanting to know what usage we have over back dash CC cancel it’s an Option select killer. Some samples are over down here at the video. Thx for Samurai Drew for creating the vid and uploading it!


Feel free to post some more CC technology if anyone discover anything :wink:

might be well known, but possibly not about the coward crouch. I mentioned this a long time ago, but Hakan’s throwable hitbox remains unchanged when doing the guard cancel, it’s really huge (standing hitbox, so backdash CC will probably lose to some O/S command grabs (the only one probably that could punish would be Abel’s U2 and possibly Fuerte’s U2, Probably Akuma’s U1 but probably not any 1+0 demons).

This was true at least in super.

I might have found a set up with CC/slide. I really want to use the CC/slide in a lagitimate way that would work well, so I was just messing around with it and maybe came across something? I looked around a bit and didn’t see it listed. So Hopefully this can work in real matches.
I used the Ryu dummy and Block at all times while crouching.

So what I did was I hit the dummy with a Focus crumple. Quickly dash Forward and CC/slide to the other side of dummy Ryu. Then hit St LK just as the dummy hits the the ground. Now the dummy should fly up ( I think it’s called a re-set? ) then I was able to do an uncrouchible using EX Oil Dive.

So it’s Focus crumple, Forward Dash, Cancel to CC/slide,( Other side of dummy ) St LK, EX Oil Dive.

On these settings I’m able to do it 100% of the time. Now I didn’t test to see if it works on other charecters, or that it can be back dashed or jumped out of. I still don’t fully know how to use the training options. So if anybody else can see if this is a realiable set up that would be great.

That’s nice and all, but sounds a little gimmicky. Wouldn’t you rather take the guaranteed damage and then go for the Oil Dive Setup? If you use it and it comes off then great! But I wouldn’t advise it lol, just because anyone mashing that reversal is gonna get you good, and you’ve missed a good chance to hurt your foe. It’s good to see you’re experimenting though so keep going for it! We still need to uncover the power of the crossup CC slide.

Honestly Oil Dive dash CC is the best thing I’ve got so far, in terms of having an advantage, but in terms of ambiguity I’ve came a bit stuck getting both.

yeah I thought it might be as such. Mashing comes hand in hand in this game. Honestly this move ( CC/slide) is such an oddball buff that it’s difficult trying to work with it in a realiable way. And your right so far the best use for it is after the Oil Dive.
I wonder what Capcom was thinking what it can be used for when they decided to give this new move to Hakan? Because honestly, right now it seems borderline useless. Dose anybody know if Capcom was asked about this move?
BUt I still won’t give up on it. Like Hakan, it will probably take some time to properly use use it.

It definitely isn’t useless. If you watch the 2012 Hakan video I made a little while back, there’s definitely some great defensive applications for it.

As far as offensively, hmm, maybe they wanted to have it as some sort of crossup. It still needs work though, I think it could be used as some sort of double bluff mechanic, using it on someones wakeup and forcing them to consider what way to block etc, and waking up with Ultra or something. I dunno, pretty theoretical stuff, but yeah I don’t think it will ever become more than a fun little gimmick in terms of offense.

yeah that’s a great Video on Defensive CC/slide. I breifly looked at it when you first posted it. I’ll make sure to look at it again.
I think Capcom should have made the CC/slide Completly invincible while in Motion. Kinda like Abels Roll. It would have been so much more useful as an offensive move. Well of course with the defensive aspect too. I belive Capcom was shorta moving in that direction with the CC/slide move anyways. But then decided against it thinking that Hakan would be too Godly with all the other buffs he has gotten as well. But that’s cool. We got more then what we thought we were getting anyways, so it’s all good.

umm that was a day 1 find … i posted it in the first page of the setups forum :stuck_out_tongue:

as for it being useless or not …
in the deffensive sense … it’s the option select killer … it has saved me from so many ultras that punish backdash … i almost cant live without it anymore …

that and the epic anti air super lol

Ok I see it now. Yeah like I said I briefly looked through some stuff and probably just missed it. Nice find though :slight_smile: I think this can be good when you compleatly mess somebody up, and all they are trying to do is Crouching Block because they really have no idea what else to do. Hakan and he’s mixs up can be Pretty dangerous.
But Good job to eveybody in finding these Tools. I hope to help contribute to the Small Hakan Army that we’ve become :slight_smile: