Slight addendum to Snake's post

Snake, I know what you mean, but there’s a something which I think should be clarified:
Bison’s dp + p, should be done with hp for the most hits, and you don’t do dp +p xx qcf+ p * n, you have to really do each dp motion fully otherwise you only get one or two hits per punch and that’s not good cause you’ll take too much time doing the motion compared to how much time you spend hitting them. You should aim for about 4 hits per dp, cause then it’s ok if you get an extra hit or one less.
I can’t do it consitently yet, I keep doing it too soon, the scrubby “qcf sakura’s cc” way. (Actually, te reason why you have to do it differently for Sakura’s CC is that I think you need to do her’s faster otherwise you leave the ground, with Bison’s you can keep juggling them even if it’s slower).


Thanks for the advice.:smiley: To be honest I’m still practicing my A-groove. I’ve mastered everyone else I use on A-groove. Right now in terms of custom combos Sakuras my best. I just keep doing the shoshosho until her bar gets low then I do a H.k huricane kick, F.p then do one of her supers this does around 8,000+ damage. My geese’s combo sucks it does about 6000, but it has pretty good cheese. I use him for backup because he’s one of my best characters, and I’m still working on Bison’s CC, but I fight pretty good with him. I use Ken from time to time. I Just use his forward H.k then when the bar gets low sweep then do his Shinryuken. Haohmaru sometimes. F.p the whole time then super, but I dont’ play him for his CC(even though it does a shit load of damage) it’s pretty scrubby. Thats about it. If there are any flaws in my CCs or my A-groove teams then tell me. My best and most used A groove team is Geese,Sakura and a ratio 2 Bison(usually in that order). BTW I hear Rolento is also top tier A-groove whats his shit like? :confused:

I can’t do Bison’s CC either, I just have good mentors…I KNOW a lot, I just can’t DO it :smiley:
Anyway, A-Rolento isn’t as good as people originally thought, I think C-Rolento is higher because of lvl 2 cancels or some such nonsense.
Anyway, I think Sakura should be your battery (first) and Geese should be your user (second), because if I’m not mistaken (which I could be), Sakura builds meter faster than Geese, so she should be first.

I have my Rock ground CC and Evac toss CC, I’m still working on getting that )#($*#@ AA, cause you have to cancel his rising tackle on the first hit, and I can’t get that down.
Of course, I have Ken’s scrub CC, but after I get Rock’s AA I’ll go for Ken’s DP cancel CC, then his corner destroyer.
And of course, I’m always trying to get the timings of combo --> activate and Bison’s dp cancel.
BTW, there is an awesome thread on about CC’s for most characters that you see in A-groove. Check it out.

I’m already aware of the fact that Sakura builds meter faster than most characters with her dive kick and whiffs, but I put Geese first because I dont’ rely on his CC and I try to kill off as many people as I can with him before Sakura comes out. Then I can do her CC, and since she builds it so fast I should be able to do it multiple times before I have too fight with Bison. I’d rather put up a strong fight in the begining before I have to use custom combos. With me for some reason Sakura seems to do better 2nd than 1st. My Sakura fights pretty good, but against the best people in my area I only get one CC before she dies. If I put her second she’ll most likely get two before she gets knocked out, and she seems to fight better when their 1st character has been taken out by Geese. It may sound stupid of me to put sakura 2nd, but it seems to work better for me than have her 1st. I always put her 1st and got owned, now it seems acually win on A-groove. Thanks for the advice though, but I just seem to play differently than most people.:slight_smile: