Slight Pause at Character Select Screen in Training Mode


I’m probably looking too much into this but since I just got SSFIV I want to make sure my disc isn’t defective.

I just got SSFIV for my PS3 (60GB) and when I go to the character select screen in training mode there is a slight pause when the character portraits wipe over the screen from right to left. The game isn’t frozen because I hear the music still playing as it does this and I’m still able to play the game with no problems.

Only reason why I bring this up is when I go to the character select screen in any other mode the portrait wipe across the screen is completely smooth.

If anyone could check and see if this happens to there copy then I’ll know it’s just the game and not my copy in particular.

If it helps I installed the game so I’m not sure if that would effect anything.


Try installing the game to your HDD to see if that helps. I too noticed it, and I too have PS3 60GB. I haven’t installed the game myself, but I didn’t think anything of it when I saw it. Next time I load up ssf4, im going to install it.


Well since you didn’t install it and I did pretty much says that its just the way the game works but if you could check that would be great. Thank you for looking into this :woot: