Slight problem with my madcatz stick


I have a sfxt madcatz fight stick pro. It works great but there is a small problem. The input for down right is a little bit off. The other 3 corners are perfectly fine, but when i hit down right it will be registered as just down, and i have to move it slightly up to register as down right. Very hard to block downwards with it. Last night i took off the panel and wiggled the joystick a little, i wasnt sure exactly what i did, but i barely touched it and it started working fine and down right started registering properly again. After a little while more playing , it started doing the same thing as it was b4 and not registering properly. Anyone know a permanent fix for this?


Make sure the gate on the Sanwa JLF joystick is snapped all the way down. Pics would help if that wasn’t the issue. Did you get this stick new? How old is it? How much use does it see?