Slightly Difficult Av Request


This is Buu, new name means new av, and what I had in mind was Q using SAII . The first hit would hit my name and the second would also hit it too, but for each hit, I would like the screen to shake.

It’s a tad difficult, but I’d be willing to try and repay through an ipod referal or something esle?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll do it :slight_smile: expect it in a few days… I’m very busy this week. But this request looks interesting.



Thanks and take as long as you need :slight_smile: Also, if you could go for a blue theme that would be great.


this is something i threw together… is this what your looking for?


The hit effect looks awsome, but could you fill the backgroud up with something that matches Q’s color if possible? Thanks again. :slight_smile:


ok, it will prolly be done tommorow.


Thank you kindly sir.


Bumping the thread…


sorry been very busy… ill try to get to it tommorow. if not, i think someone else might have to do it.


Gl0ry is gonna do it for me, thanks for the effort though