Slightly goth Jill Valentine


Okay, last one before I hit the sack tonight. Here’s my latest rendition of Jill Valentine. I was going for a darker look than typical:


Great picture, much detail shown here.

***** 5 Stars out of 5 :smiley:


Hey Rush! It’s been a while. I REALLY like this sketch. It works so well with Jill’s character. It’s also one of the best faces I’ve seen you draw. Excellent work my friend. If my MVC3 design ever gets going again, I’d like to use this (if I may). Keep at it my friend! :smiley:



It is really looking awesome. Great work!!! You da man!!!


Sure thing. I’d be honored! :smiley:

Here’s a colored version of the Jill sketch. Just trying out a different coloring technique. The time required isn’t really worth the effort. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh hell yeah thats nice…:cool:


Jill is cool :slight_smile: RE leading ladies > RE leading men, imho.

I prefer the b/w version… linework usually has nuances that don’t come out until one reaches a certain level in inking & colouring.

the coloured vesion needs more highlights, stronger and more consistent shadows (define a clear light source). Keep working at it man, it’s a great addition to have to your drawings :slight_smile:

nice pic, keep 'em coming.