Slightly Offensive (but Brilliant) Premium Avatar Request


Hi there. I’m looking to get a new brilliant avatar done so here’s what I’m looking for in it.

-a picture of this:
Frame it how you feel is most dynamic with the explosion showing.

-In the picture have Alex (from Street Fighter 3) doing his dive move into the explosion area. Animated if possible and have him in black and white to match the picture. If possible or worth it make Alex have the kamikaze symbol on his headband.

-In one of the corners of the avatar have it in all caps say “JAP LEVEL!!11!” blinking obnoxiously if possible. A little large but not obscuring the picture.


-Have a picture of the guy on the side of my current avatar wearing a japanese WW2 hat or kamikaze headband in black and white off to the side or where’s waldo style somewhere in the picture. Here’s a better version of the picture :

-Have a film grain over the whole avatar animating in olde theater style.

Thanks in advance to whoever decides to tackle this absurd request. There will be positive rep for this. :karate:


Yeah man I don’t think that’s gonna fly. Racism and all that.