Slightly OT: Juggle Mechanics Video Guide


Hi all Here is the video (Direct Download - 120MB - 12mins)

Now before people say this is OT as it’s based on more than one character, let me say my piece please.

I’ve been working on this guide for months, attached with this video will be MASSES of data compiled for all characters when i release it to the main board, however for now i’vejust attached the Akuma Data if you choose to look at it.

I’ve chosen this board because.

1) I shadow this board, so i can at least gauge what level people are here to a degree & i know generally who i can take seriously (I’m not here to name names, i’m just using the best area i know)

2) Akuma has a very juggle oriented moveset & features anough in the vid to hit home here for most people to already have a basic understanding.

3) Kich started his stuff in SFIV, in the Akuma section, so some people might know about.

the Data took me ages to compile, (I tested thoroughly) i’ve done the best i can to make it understandable however it’s not the data i want to know about, it’s the video. When i make this for the main board it’ll have a shitload of description explaining every bit of terminology. The video however is as simple as i can make it, even with that it might take more than one watch.

Here are the things i want to know:

1) Do you understand the terminology After watching the vid once or twice can you understand what

JP1 - Stun - Reset or JP0 - SKD - SKD


2) Is it to confusing. Yes or no i’d be happy with but if you have suggestions or why it’s confusing i’m all up for it.

3) Did you have to puase at all during the vid, if yes did it annoy you in to not really wanting to watch it

4) Any random things you didn’t like about it?

5) Not the most important, but if you notice any errors in this then let me know.

6) least important of all, is it fun to watch?

Akuma Data



Gohadouken: Normal

JP0 - Stun - SKD

Gohadouken: EX

1st: JP0 - Stun - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD

Shaku: LP


Shaku: MP

1st: JP1 - SKD - SKD
2nd: JP2 - SKD - SKD

Shaku: HP & EX

1st: JP1 - SKD - SKD
2nd: JP2+ - SKD - SKD
3rd: JP3 - SKD - SKD

Zanku Hadouken: All

JP0 - Stun - SKD

Goshoryuken: LP


Goshoryuken: MP

1st: JP0 - Stun - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD

Goshoryuken: HP

1st: JP0 - Stun - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD
3rd JP2 - SKD - SKD

Goshoryuken: EX

1st: JP0 - SKD - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD
3rd JP2 - SKD - SKD

Demon Flip: Palm

JP0 - HKD+ - HKD+

Demon Flip: Dive Kick

JP0 - Stun - Reset

Demon Flip: Sweep

JP0 - HKD+ - HKD+

Tatsu: LK

JP0 - Float - Float

Tatsu: MK

1st: JP0 - Stun - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD

Tatsu: HK

1st: JP0 - Stun -SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD
3rd: - JP1 - SKD - SKD

Tatsu: EX

1st: JP5 - Stun - SKD
2nd: JP5 - Stun - SKD
3rd: JP5 - Stun - SKD
4th: JP5 - Stun - SKD
5th: JP5 - SKD - SKD

Tatsu: All Air

1st: JP0 - Float - Float
2nd: JP0 - Float - Float

Tatsu: EX Air

1st: JP0 - SKD - SKD
2nd: JP1 - SKD - SKD
3rd: JP2 - SKD - SKD
4th: JP3 - SKD - SKD
5th: JP4 - SKD - SKD

Ultra - Demon Armageddon:

JP0 - Auto - Auto[/details]

Thanks for looking, even if you don’t watch it, the first few people i showed this to i didn’t get the best reaction in the world but i’ve editted it up a bit in an attempt to simplify it. That said it still may require careful watching, which i know isn’t the best kind of learning for a fighting game but I can’t figure out a way to simplify or make this more fun, like framedat it’s just standard learning.


Downloading right now, ill let you know in a few minutes.

EDIT: I enjoyed the video :smiley:

  1. Yes i do
  2. It isn’t confusing but what would REALLY REALLY help the video, is if you were to put move in front of the moves in your combos.
    EG: you have : JP0 - SKD - SKD somewhere in a combo. But i think s.HP. JP0 - SKD - SKD or HP shoryuken JP0 - SKD - SKD would be much better.
    That way, it gives you an idea of what combo you are going to do. I found myself having to watch the combo first, and then look for the juggle
    information so that it would make sense.
  3. Yeah, but i always pause during long walls of text in a video, just to be sure the vid only continues when im done reading :smiley: It didn’t annoy me.
  4. Nope, just work on the point i mentioned at 2.
  5. You listed duelshock 3 somewhere in the beginning, but it’s Dualshock with an A. I didn’t really check for spelling though.
  6. Yup, i enjoyed it :slight_smile: Now some things make more sense, like why after a light tatsu, you should go for lp SRK xx HP shaku instead of HP SRK.

Hi, thanks for the comment, glad to hear it is understandable… i know the large walls of textat the beginning of the video can be pretty irritating but it really has to be explained before people can folow the video.

As a solution to adjusting with your suggestion i’m going to incorperate “Pause points” where after a combo the moves will flash up for about 1 second at the intervals the move comes in. so that if necassary players can pause after the combo & get a full rundown of the combos without it actually inpeding on the view of the video during the actual combo (Besides the text already seen)

I’d like to totally redo it, however that would be an entire re-edit of alot of text boxes… & i just ain’t up for that :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t mean that there are walls of text covering the video, so let me try again. At 3:01 You do the following combo with Sagat: neutral jump hard(?) punch, TU, FADC, scar, EX TU, ultra. But watching the video, i didn’t know that. So when watching that part, i first had to watch it 2-3 times, so i understood what combo was being performed, so that your notations of JP0 - SKD - SKD would make sense. So my idea was to put attack names in front of those parts. So you had written this in that combo:

JP0 - stun - XXXX
JP1 - SKD - XXXX (scar)
Ultra - JPX

But my idea would be:

Neutral jump HP JP0 - stun - XXXX
HP TU JP1 - SKD - XXXX (scar)
EX TU (1) JP1 - XXXX - SKD
EX TU (2) JP2 - XXXX - SKD
EX TU (3) JP3 - XXXX - SKD
EX TU (4) JP4 - XXXX - SKD
EX TU (5) JP5 - XXXX - SKD
Ultra - JPX

So that you can directly see to what exact move you attributed the qualities.

of course, i did originally intend to have that, however on playback the text really did cover the whole screen, so rather than keep it there i plan to have the moves flash up in the style you displayed, but only for a second or so after the combo gas ended, so that it doesn’t obscure the combo, but people can pause after the video & see clearly the combo outlay.

If that made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Really slick video pokey, I’ll have to watch again to offer any kind of feedback, its 1:30a now. Awesome information, and yeah most of which we know through practice but not through a detailed breakdown as this. Are special moves obvious what their different juggle potential is? (ie. hp.srk is JP3)

ps. you did all that on dualshock @_@?! That last seth combo made my brain numb.

^^Don’t have a stick^^

& though alot of moves you can estimate, sometimes it’s just all over the place.

Most normals have no JP, if they do they nearly always have only JP1, however some normals (Ibuki’s jump HK) is JP2.

So basically nah, it’s never straight forward, kens HP SRK does 3 hits but it’s not JP2, it has it’s own wierd mechanics though.

Only type of move that is generally the same is projectiles (Not always) but even then some are wierd or different. Sagats Ultra 2 being all kinds of wierd, took me ages to work out how that move works.