Slightly Silly Question: Now that Pocket Fighter's in SFAA, will it see comp play?


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Probably not, but the game is really fun to play.

What about Puzzle Fighter on the GBA? I mean it’s practically the same thing. :clap:

will there is more depth to the game than ppl think though

Pocket Fighter’s one of those games that makes me think “Wow! Capcom done something crazy.” Sadly that’s it… Although yeah, it is fun to play.

Wht does it revolve around? Gem combos?

basically yeah. Getting gems to power up your moves. Some ppl rely more on basic combos some rely more on the gem chain combos or whatever they’re called.

I hope so. Mostly because it would crack me up to see the game broken down on SRK.

“Pocket Fighter, Part 3: The Finer Points Of Using Your Father As A Club”

lol actually I was wondering what the tiers were for this game

Aren’t 'gief and Lei Lei/Hsien high tier in this game?

It’s not quite as random as some people make it out to be… yeah, there are items, and power-ups, and other such things, but they don’t just come out of nowhere, one of the players has to do something to get them to appear. Whether it’s hitting the opponent, or hitting the little item-carrier dudes that float by in their clouds. However the actual items that appear are random, and sometimes one will benefit from simply being in the right place at the right time…

Anyway, each character has 3 main special moves (most of the characters have more, but they don’t follow the following system). These are each represented by a small gauge on the bottom of the screen, one in red, one in yellow, and one in blue. You start out with each of these moves at Level 1. Collecting gems will fill the gauge of the matching color, and once it’s full, that move gains a level and becomes more powerful (for example, Gouki’s Hadoken will now do 2 hits, and do more damage overall). Each move maxes out at Level 3.

You also have a standered Super gauge that you use to do Super moves, of which each character has a few. Nothing too different from most games there.

Every character also has, as a standard move, various Guard Crushes. These are unblockable moves that can be charged and will, if they connect, actually STEAL gems from your opponent’s gauges, weakening them (unlike other attacks which simply make gems appear, rather than having the opponent actually lose them).

There are also counter attacks and other things I’m probably forgetting about… it’s definitely an interesting game, and worth looking into.

Hsien-Ko unblockable traps, lv.1 Shoto Dragon Punch abuse, and supposedly Zangief shenanigans (I’ve never really experienced anything noteworthy of latter myself but back when there was some PF interest here peopled sweared by it).

Just because it’s cutesy, doesnt mean it isn’t a real fighting game. Supers, throws, links, hihg/low/throw/guard crush mixups, corner pressure, dash/run movements, super jumps. You want to see zoning? Felicia with a lvl 3 kitty litter.

Name one thing that makes this game ineligable as a ‘real’ fighting game.

Gem Fighter does have some depth, but it’s nowhere near the level of something like the Alpha series or Third Strike or KoF, or anything like that.

That being said, I severely doubt that it’ll see more competitive play because of the re-release. The 5 billion re-iterations of Alpha 3 haven’t done much to reinvogorate that scene, so I doubt the inclusion of Pocket Fighter will do much for a scene that never existed in the first place.

Also, making stupid comments about SSBM is not the best way to gather support for your cause. Nor is insinuating that your question might be silly, because if you think it might be, then chances it are that it is, so don’t post it.

Pocket Fighter>SSMB

Now that I have had everyone angry, as much as I like the game I doubt it. It would be nice though.

Yeah, that one’s just too good. :rofl:

This will not turn into a SSMB vs thread, we have had enough of those as it is.

to get back on topic sort of, can anyone explain hsien-ko’s tenrai ha trap?

If “tenrai ha” is her iron weight followed by spike balls super then it’s simple, (from somewhat old memory…) vs. a guarding opponent use a Flash Combo that leads you with a slight frame advantage or even then quickly follow up with the spike super. The super move (along with her others) is pretty much instant, once the super flash is over the iron weight is pretty much hitting the guarding opponent.

The main thing is that you want to make the opponent block the spike balls because you can easily follow with a Guard Crush (which is unblockable vs. normal guard) while they’re busy doing so. If the opponent tries to do anything besides guard they get fucked up by the spikes which does some nice damage. If they guard they eat the Guard Crush which on successful hit gives up a big gem that most likely will give you super meter again to repeat.

One of the few (if only) ways to counter is to use the alpha counter to break up her rhythm since you have some small invincible frames on it but you have to hope the Hsien Ko was within range, one of her Guard Crush attacks can stay out of the range of some character’s alpha counter.

Pocket Fighter should see comp play. I used to play the hell out of it on my Playstation back in the day.

It was one of the most innovative games out there…I loved picking up freezing items, hurling them at opponents, and following it up with a super. I also loved powering up special moves with gems. And shit…if DOA4 and Mario Kart are getting play at EVO, they should at least consider giving Pocket Fighter a chance sometime.

Dan’s MvC2 style super ftw…OYAJI BEEEEEEAM!!! Oh yeah…didn’t Dan have an equivalent of the Shungokusatsu in there? Just the concept of Dan having a Shungokusatsu-type move = automatic win.