Slim Bison?

Hey Erik,

Maybe it’s too early to ask (or you just won’t answer the question), but will Bison be slimmed down like he was in SFII?

yeah, i noticed that too.,. i think that was a great idea!

God I hope so Slim bison looks way cooler IMO. Psycho crusher till the cows come home.

I always wondered why Bison turned big since the Alpha games came out. He looks cool, but it’s quite different. Does it have to do with the story or is it just a new look? BTW, Bison wasn’t slim in the SFII Movie. If I remember correctly, that was the first time Bison was big.

yeah fat bison just looks goddamn retarded like he just sits on the couch and eats cheetos all day. He can barely move thats why he teleports.

He’s so much more menacing when he’s slim, tall and fast.

You guys are all crazy. Slim Bison looks pathetic by comparison.

Why do people think he’s fat? He’s completely buffed out when big - much more menacing than the dope fiend body found in 2.

Yeah Slim Bison is a pussy.

ha yeah right

Slim Bison-

  • doesn’t rely on super meter
  • he’s faster than most characters
  • doesn’t need a projectile and a teleport
  • hard to hit because of speed
  • stuns like crazy in CE

Fat Bison-

  • too lazy to fight so he floats and teleports around
  • slowwwwww
  • psycho crusher needs meter (except X-ism)
  • easy to hit due to bigger hit box
  • wears a cape like Liberace
  • rests in a “tube” to restore his power (ala Michael Jackson)

Worst debate ever. :lol:

The original SF games tried to go for a more realistic style of art, so Bison was normal looking.

With Alpha, SF had switched to a more anime, i.e. more exaggerated, style of art, so Bison was exaggerated and made buff.

End of story.

It has nothing to do with the plot. One isnt’ better than the other because of how they played in the games. They are the same person, just with different stylistic choices made by the artists.

**but i like the southbeach bison better then the fat alpha one and i think it would be a funny little point to add.

ABASI!** :cool:

Fat bison cant paint the fence, end of story. Slim bison likes to jerk his hand when he’s ready to fight(look at cvs2 bison stance) ;X

It does have something to do with the plot actually. The psycho power is what made him so buff in the alpha series…and when the machine blew up he lost it. Alpha Bison is just way more powerful than SF2 Bison, no matter what the fanboys want to say. Alpha Bison is probably faster too. He’s one of the fastest chars in A3. Alpha Bison is also extremely menacing…he’s huge yet moves so fast…and he has the super psycho crusher. Shin Akuma is supposed to be Akuma’s true form, and Shin Bison is supposed to be the Alpha Bison’s true form…they just don’t want you to play with him.

homie sf barely has a story line…its stylistic

lol Are you guys are always this serious with Street Fighter?

One more reason why Slim Bison is better:
Explore A R (mirror)

pimp !!
…Compared to fat Bison who has to resort to KIDNAPPING young girls and treats them like dolls and dress them up in leotards!

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be the buff guy surrounded by a group of 16 year old girls. Heck, even better, they’re pretty much robots so you don’t even have to talk to them. Just fuck them silly.

“You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?” -The Princess Bride

It’s not a fan boy situation, fat bison looks retarted to alot of us ;X

Seems like a stylistic choice to me. His Height (182 CM), Weight (96 kg) and 3 Sizes (B133- W90 - H92) have never been altered. They probably swithced him back to looking slim because they wanted him to look and play more like his SF2 version (and be like his SF2 Boss version) that more people could relate to in CVS1. Capcom has never changed his measurements.

Looks to me like Udon is pretty free to interpret him how they wish because I think his change was for stylistic reasons (the SFZ/A series had it’s look based on the SF2 Animated Movie after all) and not storyline ones. Still, he didn’t really look ‘slim’ on the cover of SF2 Issue Zero. For the Uber-Darkstalker-Anime-ish style Alvin Lee is using now his slim version doesn’t seem like it’s going to fly or mesh with everyone else. But we’ll see I guess.

Actually those are his Zero series stats. In SF2 he’s 80 kg, his height the same as above, and his 3 sizes are B129- W85- H91. The same numbers are for his crossover appearances based on CvS1 and afterwards, the slim look. So yes they have.