Slimy sticks at the arcade

so earlier this week i was at an arcade, and i grabbed the stick and it felt like pure slime. friggin nasty. i went online and it said even though it is very unlikely, it is possible for someone to be playing on it, and if they were mashing hard they could have cut them selves and their blood could remain on the buttons and stick and if u play immediately after and u mash and you get that person blood into your bloodstream u could get an STD lol. its true yo. from now on whenever i start playing im just gonna take my sleeve and wipe that shit down so its dry and if there was blood it would be dry now and the STD like lets say Hiv would be dead. this is a real safety hazard.

Getting a STD from playing an arcade stick would be insanely awesome proof that you are dedicated to the fighting game community. :lovin: I gots da aids from the arcade! I was playing 3S all night long and didn’t even know that it was carrying. :frowning: Fuckin’ whore.

I’m sure if you wiped down the std filled blood with your sleeve you could still catch the disease by either still playing on the same machine or somehow getting it from your sleeve. The only way you’re safe is playing with gloves man, which might make you look more badass. But not likely.

It is like condoms for the arcade. You don’t know who those cabinets have been with.

maybe someone used the stick for a session of sit and spin.

you never know… :confused:

There is something remarkably disturbing about this thread…

mixup told me once that he had a nasty blister\cut on his palm and entered a tourney and only put a band aid on it. There came a point in the tourney where he had to mash the hell out of a hail to do max life and his blister\cut busted open and he bled all over the stick.

hahaha, hardcore.

I dont appreciate slimy sticks either. The worst for me though is when the sticks get really wet from someones sweaty hands. Its even worse when they dont clean it off themselves.

After such an incident, I have wiped sweat smears off on the plastic cabinter that shine out for a few games. Very gross.

It’d be even more badass if you just wore 1 glove like Michael Jackson.

It’s a good thing that CF’s sticks are clean… :confused::rofl:

niggaz be buttfucking sticks

lol, this is why I just play germophobe and bring hand sanitizer with me whenever I go to an arcade, lmao.

Yeah… I’ve been faced with some pretty rancid sticks in my time too. If I’m going to an arcade to have a session, I tend to take this little cloth with me precisely for that reason.
I’ll use my T-shirt if I have nothing there… but I’m not sure I want all that grime on my T either :expressionless:

Back when SF2 CE was new, I was at the bowling alley and saw a couple of punks put a condom on the stick. They thought it was a great prank, giggled, and left. Moments later, a boy approaches the machine; he was accompanied by his father. The kid wanted to play still, so he pinched the top, pulled it off, wiped the stick down with his shirt, and popped in his 2 tokens. All the while, the dad just watched.

Thinking back on it now, WTF is wrong with that father letting his kid play.

So yeah, that might explain your slime …

yeah from now on i’m gonna bring those small towels and wipe the sticks down. hopefully anything truly deadly will die off. i got a blood test done like 2 weeks ago, but i cant remember if i cut my self mashing before the test or after, hopefully it was before the test.

maybe the person didn’t wash their hands or something.

Which arcade?

Yeah, it was probably from some greasy fuck who ate a big basket of cheesy nachos with bacon before he came to the arcade. Let’s face it; hygiene is not one of the more prominent concerns for some people associated with the arcade community.

The old sit ‘n’ spin. Gay gamers ftw.

what a coincidence. every arcade stick Ive ever used has been covered in razor blades.

seriously, how can you cut yourself on a plastic knob?