Sloooooooooooowwwwwww - Viewtitul Joe God Had Combos!

Like many of you I have been working on Joe since launch. One thing I have realized is that I have no Slow combos and they can be difficult to find mixed in with all the regular ones. Playing Joe when your enemy is slowed is very different.

What is your slow b&b? Let this be a combo thread for the slow down effect only!

I posted this video back in May. Its the strongest we have so far. Works on everyone. Note that I’m doing a L RHK at the end, not the M RHK.


funny, i picked joe back up Zoogstin…still a pain and hard to use

@ Zoogstin.
If you TK the second part of the loop you can do more damage.
Upper M, RHK M, Dash, RHK M, RHK H, TK RHK M, Dash, RHK M, RHK H, Jump. j.H
Then to mach speed. (You can do the air combo cause of hit stun scaling. >.<)

Good stuff. Imma definitely try that out By the way did you mean “can’t?” when going for a follow up after the machspeed?

Yes can’t…Damn you typos. xD
But its a little tricky cause you have to find that sweet spot were Joe kicks himself high enough to get his air dash instead of falling to the ground.
But if you do pull off 2 reps of it the hit stun gets so bad that after Mach speed they just instantly flip out.
(Which is still good for getting off a near instant air throw right after Mach Speed. But I think doing all this you an extra 80k dmg or something.)

Another variation thats easier and does an extra 40kish more dmg or something is using Voomerangs instead of RHK H. Ie:

Groovy Upper M, RHK M, Air Dash, RHK M, Voomerang H, Dash, Jump, j.h, RHK M, Air Dash, RHK M, Voomerang L, Dash, Jump, j.H, RHK M, Air Dash, RHK M, RHK H, S.
MH, Double jump, MH, RHK L, Air Dash, j.H, Air Joe H, Six Machine.