I purchased the retail japanese version and am playing it on a pal console using the popular software region free (not freeloader). Has anyone else running using this setup or even runnign the jap version on a jap console that the loading screen judders and the background stops scrolling intermittantly as it loads? I’m trying to work out whether its my settings or the game which is slowing down. I just can’t see why the loading screen on Marvel from 1999 didn’t slow down (on beloved dreamcast T_T) yet this does 10 years later on a more powerful console…

To be precise, there is barely perceptible slowdown right after you pick both characters and it scrolls towards you and then on the loading screen as the background scrolls. Minor slowdown during play but only outside of normal combat as far as I can detect.

Its connected via Component cable with the Wii settings optimised for this.


I get this, even all the console videos on the net I’ve seen suffer from it. It’s probably down to the game loading data from the disc, deffinately doesn’t effect gameplay, not in my case anyway and I’m using the same set-up as you (PAL-Gecko OS)… I have to admit though it’s one of the game’s prettiest effects, even though it’s only a vs screen, it’s a shame not to see it in it’s full glory…