Slow Air Slasher Setups?



I searched around a bit, and didn’t find what I was looking for, so sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I was curious if there are slow air slasher setups similar to what Guile can do with his slow sonic boom?


lp fireball moves too fast. you would have to fadc it to do something like that.

i don’t think its worth the meter without an overhead or something to go with it.

you could probably instant knee shot during the block stun of the fireball then land and throw them.


Thanks for postin this I wanted to talk about this but didn’t want to start 2 topics on my first day… I’ve been using this a lot recently in ranked matches because its hard to do in training on account of human reactions.

What you do depends on what your opponent does in reaction to your fireballs. If they stand there and block walk up and grab them. If they walk back you can get into crossup range after they block the AS. If you use lp fireballs throughout the match and dash/walk behind it and go for a safe slide often you can train your opponent to block low when you approach behind an AS, later in the match fadc that shit and hit them with a big jump in fierce combo for huge damage.

I think there is still a lot to be explored with lp airslash fadc. This is some stuff i’ve been coming up with in the lab:

I recorded the dummy to walk backwards into the corner so he blocks high and not low, then i fadc’d lp AS dashed again from near fullscreen and was able to get a lk to hit low which combo’d into the AS and was then able to hit a Timing is hella hard so I’m not sure if its worthwhile but i was hoping to be able to combo into ultra2. I think there is something there but I’m not sure exactly what…

Another thing is sometimes if FADC lp AS and they jump over it you can anti-air cr.rh and they will fall into the AS for a 2hit combo.

And finally, again not sure if this is practical or not but if i record the dummy to jump towards me I can anti-air with a lp AS fadc empty slide and juggle into ultra2. Still untest but if you can anti-air with a lp AS on reaction it might be another way to combo into ultra…


Thanks for the info, I was hoping there were some options available without FADC, but his is faster than guile’s.