Slow Day



So I notice we have no new post today? Wake everyone, this is my main source of entertainment while at work!!

So what was the most exciting match you had lately?

I was playing against a Balrog and it came down to the final round and I ended up on chip damage and he was at least one hit from death. So I knew I couldnt use block anymore and I was to worried about trade for c.LK on his charge. So I decided to jump back and toss some hadu’s at him hoping for a jump in. So I jump back and he charges at me and I say “OH SHYTE” thinking I am dead no matter what. So as I am coming down I decided to try and squeeze out a air tatsu and to my surprise it came out and connected and won me the match! :lovin:


All my fights recently have been terrible. The more I play, the worse I get. I keep doing stupid shit, like trying to FA moves that I know are armor breaking, like hurricane kicks and abels falling sky. Last night I tried to FADC backdash away from Dan’s ultra. In hindsight, I could’ve just absorbed it and maybe got a crumple, but instead I backdashed not quite far enough and ate the ultra anyway =\


Personally I’m taking a break from SFIV for a few days and focusing on KOF 98. You can expect a return shortly.

But my last few matches have not been great.

Crazykat knows about my Dan.


oh yea, it got so bad last night that I punched my PS3 pad, right on the R2 trigger… That’ll teach it to do ex otoshi when I meant to do ultra… Not that the trigger had anything to do with my sloppy work on the dpad but the trigger was easier to aim for.


It’s a slow day because right now everyone is already in or on their way to Vegas. :wonder:


This. All energy is being focused on this year’s EVO, so expect the forums, ESPECIALLY for the console characters (but for the exception of the actual EVO related threads), to be slow for a while. To be honest I have came BACK to SFIV after a few days of BlazBlue. The game (BB) is taking quite a bit more energy than I though it would to be solid in it, and I’ve had some really bad games there against people who really play the game a lot. I come back to Sakura and SFIV, and I’m on a ROLL. I’m probably the polar opposite of other players here. I’ve recently got into G2-A today and lost all but maybe 10 or 12 matches out of I say 70 or so. Not only that, but my Sak play has been getting quite a lot better because of my mini-break. I’m in the middle of uploading some matches I had today for friendlies and whatnot. I just seem much more in tune right now during everyone else’s downtime.


I’ve been trying to get cr.HP~ex-tatsu, jab shouken,otoshi to work.

I saw it on a combo video but am starting to suspect it only works against bulkier in the corner.


I had a close match today vs a guy using seth. for the first 30 sec of the game he acted like a dhalsim then he actually started to get up close. in the first round he almost got a perfect on me, i had chip health left and got lucky on a cross over which i linked to ultra then crossed over again to ex shunpuu -> otoshi. he won the next round, and he got perfect. on the last round we both had about 10% health left and he stayed away using sonic boom dhalsim’s stretchy arm move. i traded haoukens and he kept trading them with sonic booms, so i ex otoshi’d to him D:

i say i won by luck because that second round he completely dominated me. if not for seth’s low health i wouldn’t have won.


Just got back to SF4 after dealing with the BB bullshit to go back SF4 bullshit. It’s better bullshit. Waiting for KOF12 goodshit.


He picked Seth, Seth has low health. That’s not luck. I probably would have lost because I always get cocky when I see Sim or Seth jump stretch armstrong, because I like to shouou it. You played the smart game and EX Otoshi’d it. He should have known better. I probably would have got punished whiffing.


After playing last night I need to take a break. I came up against a runaway Akuma, I can always beat them but it does take effort, dashing and jumping his barrage of garbage, getting some damage, then chasing him all over. These matches always come down to the last few seconds if the akuma has his runaway game down pack.

Yesterday I had no patience, no determination, it was a semi-final and I just walked into everything on purpose. He dizzied me and still kept throwing fb’s from distance…JUST FACKING KILL ME FAST AND GET IT OVER WITH!

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I need a break.


It’s just been slow in the Sakura forums and fan club. It’s a drag.