Slow down with CVS2, ST and MVC2 on Dreamcast?

Hello, I posted this problem in the MVC2 newbie thread but I’ll post it here too if anyone knows the answer.

Recently I bougt a DC (PAL). From the looks of it, nothing is wrong with the console itself, it never glitches or stops working or has any problems with starting or something like that. The problem instead is the speed of the games. This goes for CVS2, ST and MVC2. You CAN boost the speed a notch but it doesnt feel right too play on the “wrong” speed since it fucks up your timing in the end when you are going to play the real thing. I’ve tried both a SCART and a RGB cable, none of those helps the problem. Iv’e tried both a burned MVC2 and the TDC-version. Iv’e also tried two different TV:s. This has never happened when I play on any other console, and I know FOR SURE that I’m not imagining this since I play MVC2 on PS2 and on arcade aswell as ST and CVS2 where the speed is significly faster.

What is wrong? Is it the game, is it the Dreamcast or perhaps the TV I’m playing on? WTF!?

Actually, I’m having a weird DC issue to, it asks me for the date and time EVERY TIME I turn it on.

Battery probably needs to be changed.

Do yall think it might be the way i burned the cd? Maybe that’s far fetched…

Burned games on dreamcasts can have loadtime issues though, from what I read online.
That’s all i can really tell you on this forum :V

could be, you should always burn games at a slow speed, like 2x