Slow Fast-fly Combos

How on earth is it possible to do these combos so slow and still connect all hits.

I saw launch slow sj. jab slow sj. short fly lk+ capcom fierce rp

how in the world can i perform these combos that slow.

also what a good way to get the timing down for the unblockable with sen on just about everyone?

Once you practice doing the Fast fly combos long enough, you know how much stun the normals leave on the characters. Once you understand that you realize how much delay you can put between the normals, and yet still have the series combo.

The timing for the unblockable is different vs every character. Your Best way of finding the timing would be set the training mode to manual. Then pick the characters you wanna learn the timing on with p2 pad. Once you get into the training mode, set the meter to max. Then on the p2 pad, set the pad to walk back(you can tape the pad, or set the stick(if it’s dc, or ps2) upside on the floor with the stick bent so that the p2 character walks back. Then just do, snap with sent(this works because their block high, not low. Then just practice getting the unblockable on the incoming characters.

i never thought of doing it that way lol i just set the computer on all block then throw them c.lp xx snapback dash back and beam. i guess im working myself but im practicing that setup while im doing it sooooo

I didnt know on any marvel version you could do anything besides put it on CPU Dummy and the A.I. does what it wants to do…

Me on the other hand, I place myself in training mode…

Put the Dummy on CPU

I stay aggressive, from ground setups to air combos etc.

Get a snap back in and make my attempt.

Trying to give myself the “In Battle” type of feel, or as close to it as possible, I mean of course because you will be in battle once you get a chance to perfor this maneuver.

Yeah dog, when its set to regular (non AI) dummy, just go to the regular dummy option.

Stupid question: Is there a way the joystick can be held that enables a person to have a faster wrist movement when doing fast fly and refly combos?

I see refly a lot these days for good pokes and zoning.

you are on your own with wrist movement, but negative edge for fly/unfly helps a lot.

I figured as much.

Also, you’re friend Steven/Stephen is one cool cat :tup: