Slow keyboard input on Windows 7 x64


Hi all,
so I’ve been using the keyboard to play ST online for about 12 years. I got 2 pcs, one with Vista and one with Windows 7. The Vista one with my ?5 Kensington keyboard works perfectly. I know this because I have much more control because the key input is fully responsive to my quick hands. I can press the 5 (insert coin button) really fast and you can hear the ding sound exactly as fast as i press the 5 key.

On my Windows 7 machine however, the faster I press the 5 key, actually the less ding sounds I hear. I have tried many different things - reg hacks, reinstalling video drivers, reinstalling usb drivers, keyboard control panel settings, 4 different keyboards, :confused: - nothing works.

Its not a pin problem because im only pressing one button very fast - its some speed issue with doing so and catching each key press.

Its really frustrating! Anyone have any advice or experience with slow key input?