Slow reaction times? Maybe you're infected with toxoplasma parasites


It guns for cats mostly but a lot of animals (like the cow) can get infected by the Toxoplasmosis parasite. In turn us humans can get infected by eating their undercooked meat.

Like the video explains, tested humans were found to have slower than average reaction times to situations like driving accidents.

Which means, yup, if you find you’re sucking ass at fighting games because you’re not reacting fast enough to what’s happening on screen then maybe you’re infected with the Toxoplasmosis. :sweat:

It’s estimated 60 Million US residences have it!

Pro-Tip: If you dig the smell of cat piss, you might be a host…or you’re just cheesing.

Sounds like a zombie apocalypse to me.

Def real talk right there.

But honestly, thats pretty damn creepy. I heard about this before but I didn’t really think anything of it.