Slow response of old joystick


I’ve built myself a joystick last year or two before, don’t remember, but since a while, it has this slow response when I trying playing with it. I have happs parts and a sony serie A PS1 controller. Could it be the switches or the controller or maybe even the wires?


I tried Sony’s party first controller is hard than the party third accessory.

I modd used the party third on my joystick. work it. I changed my mind. I want play my SNES. I modd Dual Joystick for SNES controller from the party third. perfect!

Please don’t use the party’s first accessory. I’ll try help you.

Nothing is wrong with useing brand controllers.

I havent had a problem like that myself but most of the time when there is an issue with a working stick starting to go bad its because of the switches. It wouldnt be the wiring otherwise you would have noticed something when you first started playing with it, unless the problem is that you left some of the copper on the wire showing and its become corroded over time.

If you have one button that doesnt get used much, thus would have a better switch, move that switch to one of the buttons or directions on the stick that seems to be lagging and see if it gets better. If it does then just order a bunch of new switches from Happ since the switches are cheap.

The serie A is one of the best brand controllers to use since it’s solder less, which means less hassle more durable (connection wise).

I do have some copper exposed to air right on the switches’ metal plug. I’ll try to strip them a bit. If it doesn’t do, I’ll try to swap the switches too, I think I have some more sitting somewhere. Thx for your inputs.

More ideas?

I would swap the switches first if I were you. Happ, unlike Sanwa, are incredibly easy to swap switches on since the switch come off the bottom. If you have quick dissconnects on the wires it will take all of 2 second to change a switch where checking the wiring is a bigger job.

First off all you need to do is troubleshoot your wiring with a voltage meter.
Test your connections from each button to pcb and do the same for the stick.
You could have simple short or bad wiring.

A short caused by bad wiring shouldnt cause the input to be delayed, it would just prevent the button from working at all since it would already be seen as pressed. Unless it was something like a loose wire which would short out only some times. But then you would notice the button randomly pressing itself every now and then. Still though, since you will have the stick open its something to check. And you never know, since you used the solderless method for the stick something might have moved.

yea a delay is very weird… I’ll assume your using it straight up and not with a converter right?