Slow SF4 online game play + Multiple games


The online game experience of SF4 really sucks. I have 7MB connection, all ports open, SF4 installed, and still have lag. Sometimes there is no lag but the overall game is slow. It won’t react to my actions. I cannot connect to any game (with few rare exceptions), I can play online only when I play in arcade mode, or create a ranked game. Is this due to playstation network servers, or has something to do with capcom? Is there a way to fix this issue. If not, I am returning my PS3 :frowning: as I bought a PS3 just to play SF4.

A few times right after the online game, I played against the same player 4-5 times, right after one another. However, when I play arcade, and somebody joins my game, we lose each other after the first game. Do I need to change something in the options to be able to keep playing with the same player?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sounds more like you have a real shitty ISP. Though I have to agree that the Onlineplay in SFIV sometimes feels a bit sluggish on PSN.

But that’s for 3 bars or less. It’s not PSN or Capcom that’s making you disconnect/have a hard time finding games. It’s most likely you/opponent ISP. I play with a 30/30mbit fiberline and I never have any problems with disconnecting games in SFIV. And if it does happen, it’s always the guy I was playing and not me ^^.

There’s a lot more ppl on Championship mode, just set it to let them challenge you and go to arcade mode. Trying to join other servers is kind of broken for xbox and ps3. And as a rule of thumb go with 3 or more bars.

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions.

are you using PS3’s internal wifi adapter? If so, swap to ethernet by either plugging it in directly to your modem/router, or buy an ethernet wifi adapter, like this one:

I had similar problems when I was using PS3’s wifi also. But after I bought this adapter, everything is perfect now.