Slowdown with PC version after a couple of games?


I came back to SF5 after a couple of week hiatus and immediately I ran into trouble when I tried to fire the game up and got a UE4 kiwigame error that immediately crashed to desktop. I fiddled with it for a bit and managed to get that resolved and managed to get a game which ran just fine until the KO screen. Then things immediately ground to snail’s pace and seemed to be running at like 60% speed and things only got worse from there. I have an NVIDIA GTX 960, Intel i7-4790K 4.00GHz, 8GB RAM… never had a problem until tonight. Uninstalled my video drivers and went back to the last one I was using when it was working and no luck. No idea what to try now.

Anyone experience this know how to fix it? Messed with NVIDIA Control Panel settings without much luck. Edited ini files and didn’t get anywhere with that, either. Any advice would be appreciated.


I’ve had slowdowns like that too. It could be related to the entire system because it gets resolved when I reboot the ol’ PC.

I have a GTX970.

Regarding that first problem you encountered, I’ve done that too, and the solution was to delete the savegame file because it was corrupted due to exiting the game while saving, if I’m not mistaken.