Slowing down my game after learning more about tactics

So I’ve played these games for many many years and just getting into SFV but it’s the first time I’ve started to play the game and start to understand things like footies and cross ups etc… The game now seems to be far slower than when starting out and I’m losing more matches but feel like I’m doing ‘better’ due to learning the game. I’m sure at some stage I’ll start winning regularly and be better than I was before understanding these things. So my question, when you started out did you find the game to slow down and become less frenetic? Did you lose that adrenaline rush and did you find that after learning the meta game the enjoyment was from different elements of the game?

I probably shouldn’t be giving any tips coz I just made a topic the other day about how I was struggling in this game. But its kinda the other way around for me. I rushed down alot in SF4 but when this game dropped I slowed down my game and I got rocked so hard even by players that I shouldn’t have lost to. I have to keep going in to be somewhat successful in this game. Glad slowing down your pace works for you. =)

It took me a while to look at the characters differently. To me they looked the same so I tried to play them somewhat similar, but boy was I wrong. I am still licking my wounds, but I am getting better now. I honestly though that I could box even a lil bit because I was somewhat decent in SF4 but nope LOL Alot of the techs I learned in that game are actual bad habits in this game. I almost gave up too lol

I did see your posts in the SFV forum (used to play Q3A and all id software games too!!). Who do you play with as your main? I have always played as Guile but can’t get used to Charlie being a non-charge character - guess I’ll have to wait a few months. In the meantime I’m just playing as Ryu to get used to distances etc…

You’re like Neo in the matrix. We have our EVO2016 champ right here!

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I am using Laura now, she kinda fits my play style. I am also used to Charge characters. I played DeeJay, Honda and Blanka in SF4.
I am doing alot better compared to the 1st week. I still have some habits from SF4 that haunts me but I am slowly getting rid of it.
Slowly making my way to Silver and hopefully Gold in the next few weeks as I don’t play as much as I would like to. I just bought an
Xbox one today also, so it’s keeping me away from SFV LOL I know I should play more so I can get better, but I’ll get to it eventually.

The good ol’ Quake 3 days man LOL Had some good times with that game.