SlugFest 4 - SSf4 tourney @ Ground Kontrol - 7/3/2010 (Portland, OR)

Thinking about coming down, if you guys get some numbers to this.

tournament today had about 20 people.

Ive got three 360’s lined up for this event…so we might need a monitor to make 4 stations available. Just need copies of the game and sticks.

I can bring my Asus monitor down if needed. Specially since my work schedule got fucked up and I can’t do GK this Wednesday =/.

^ sounds good

Thanks for the support, Wedge!

Also… another edit: House fee is now $3, and tournament/entry fee is $5. That will give more money to the players.

GK is giving gift certificates to the top 3 winners: $20 to 1st, $10 to 2nd, $5 to third.

I’ll try to get some donuts for everyone that shows up early, too!

oh snap…donuts

^you and Angel are for sure there now…free food!

Don’t judge me

im planning on making this, whens it going to start?

sign ups at 9 am?
all early

Might come through with Bokkin. I wish it were teams so we could both take first place lol I kid. TBH, I’m coming for the donuts. And the alpha cab.

yo Riki I won’t be able to make this because that day I’m gettin my stick modded/ session in Bremerton.

Bokkin. You must come down for this.


This matters quite a bit if we want this stuff streamed

^See I need my stick modded for evo, I also need some deep practice for evo. That day is a day planned to get both done. I do plan on attending a tilt tourney or two but I don’t think I’ll make it to this.

Also sign-ups at 9am…sorry man but that means I have to leave by 6am and get up even earlier…fuck that.

really just gotta be here before 12 really.

But yeah, this might be the last practice i get before EVO till i get into vegas

I can of course bring my Clear usb modem which will give you a 1 megabit upstream from anywhere in portland/washington

really wish i could make this thing. saturdays are work days for me. turn this into a sunday thing and i’m all over it

man why does Fifa have to take a 2 day break, and then put my match ON this saturday… gonna still try to make it. it should end in time, if sign ups are at 9 im guessing its going to start around 10:30 - 11?

it starts at 12 my brotha