Slugfest V (SSFIV Tourney) @ Ground Kontrol


SlugFest V - SSf4 tourney @ Ground Kontrol - 8/14/2010 (Portland, OR)

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
511 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
phone: (503)796-9364

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade : Home

What? - SlugFest V SSF4 Tournament (Xbox 360)

When? - August 14th @ 11am(signups at 11AM with casuals, tourney starts at 12PM Noon) to 5pm.

Cost? - $3 Cover charge + $7 Entry fee

Prizes? - Should be paid out in cash (70/20/10) and gift certificates.

Tourney style? - Standard Double Elimination


Excellent. I approve of the larger entry fee. See everyone then.


Team Eugene will most likely be there.


Wait what? Oh August. Yeah cool. Can I still be there early? Was thinking of putting my PS3 setup on the big screen for casuals, since we aren’t using that for tourney matches.


I have a few ideas on how we can make this pretty hype, need to request a few things from GK

Internet for live streaming and access to speakers within the venue would be awesome as well.

I have a few other ideas on the setup for the stage as well if you guys want to get something thats much more hype as well. I know we don’t have a lot of room, but it would be nice, and also extremely awesome, If I could set up something much more dynamic


I’m all about seeing a design that allows more room per station, last time the station closest to the big screen was pretty claustrophobic.


I’ll definitely be going.


More hype please.


GK gave me a couple posters…Ive been trying to drop them around town as im out and about…hopefully will get some bites.


Rearranging the stage to be more roomy would be nice. If we could make use of some of the sides, instead of having all the stations on the one wall. And no offense Slash, but the smaller and more compact you can make your stuff the better. The streaming is nice, but I would like the focus be on more room for playing.


I’m totally down. Will be my first tourney wooot. Bought my Arcade stick JUST now upon reading the start date :slight_smile: haha.


Hey guys, Im from MT and have been looking for an event to go to. Looks like this will be the one.

I’m going for sure and will try to bring 3-4 other guys from MT.

Lets make this an interstate wide tourny!


I’m with Fuse, a few of us will be coming for sure if not all of our crew. I know I need to redeem myself after I choked at Evo :slight_smile: See you all there!


As far as Streaming goes, most of you know me well enough to the point where, when I do things, its either I go 100% or 0%. I think the GK tournaments, when done right, can help show that PDX is out there, and also, this streaming thing, it isn’t just a hobby for me. And to be honest, the setup I had was about as Compact as its going to get. But also another factor was that the setup of the stage wasn’t as ideal as it should have been.

I’m going to do a bit of a sketch of a setup that will be a lot better, as far as streaming goes, and I am going to test that setup later this week, as far as cable lengths and everything like that is concerned.


The set up was fine last time, nothing really to complain about.
Slash is being kind enough to lug all his equipment out to the tourney, show some respect and let him do his thing.
Stop worrying about how comfortable you are during the tourney and start worrying about winning.


Any time you can’t do a controller switch without occluding a station during play, there’s a problem, but like slash said, I’m sure some minor rearrangement is going to make everything smooth.

Thanks for doing the streaming btw slash, it was player to be able to show off my fumbling xbox controller matches when we got back. I’ll buy you a beer at the next slugfest.

Speaking of xbox controllers, I should be able to run a wired PS2 pad on those converters, right? I was dropping every combo last time. :frowning:


Leave it to someone who is 125 lbs to say, " lets not worry about space " FUCK THAT! Nigga needs his dick to be able to breath.


Actually theres something I want to bring up about GK

Is there a way that the underage players can wear a bracelet or something like that so that there aren’t any problems when 5 rolls around?


lol, it was pretty crowded I admit that!
and I’ll take that beer your offering to slash, thank you~!


Haha, didn’t occur to me that beer isn’t for everyone. I’m definitely down to play some beer matches though when we come up there next.

Best of five for a Oregonian Lunchbox? Do they serve 151 at GK?