- A webapp for the FGC. Sign up now and start humiliating your friends!

Hi! I recently posted about Stick Fighter and the Rosalila Engine. But this time I’m bringing you guys another project called is a website for fighting game players. It lets every player keep track of their progress, obtain important data, find people to play with and join the website events. It has been under development for a year now in our local community (San Pedro Sula, Honduras).
I think now is time to open it to the world. Smackdown is currently under a beta state, this means it is currently usable but unstable. We don’t guarantee you that your data won’t be lost but we’ll do everything we can to keep it safe.

We have been working on the following features:

1 - Smackdown: Humiliate your friends Status: Finished

A smackdown is a challenge you can send to another player. Each player selects a Judge who will testify who the winner is. The result will be stored so everyone can keep track of the statistics, share them or humiliate your friends on facebook.

Take a look at me and my friend stats generated by the website:

2 - Communities: Dominate an area Status: Finished

Find people to play with and get ranked in a geographic area. If there isn’t a community in your city you can create it yourself!

Take a look at our community in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Add your community now! (You have to be logged in)

3 - Dojos: Become the World Warrior Status: In progress

Create a dojo and defend it against multiple challengers or become The World Warrior by challenging dojos all around the world. The mechanics consists on winning 3 out of 5 sets of first to 10 matches. One player against multiple opponents. Earn medals by defeating dojos. We are planning to make 3d printed medals. You can’t send Smackdown to Dojos yet but you can get started now by adding your dojo.

Take a look at our Dojo:
Add your Dojo now! (You have to be logged in)

4 - Waifu wars: The mirror match king Status: Under development

Claim your waifu defeating your opponents in mirror matches. Conquer your dojo, community and the world. But more importantly, her heart.

5 - Rate your friends Status: Under development

Rate your friends publicly.


How do I access de app?
Just go to in your PC or mobile’s browser.

Why isn’t X game into the game list?
Do you want DOA, Marvel or Aquapazza? Just PM me and I’ll add it.

I don’t want to signup with facebook, is there another way to signup?
Not for now.

Can I contribute?
Sure! This is an open project.

Using the website, creating and organizing a community, reporting bugs, coding etc…

How do I report a bug?
Please use the Github issues tool:

Under which license is distributed the source code?
GPL license. Open source free software.
You can find the code and contribute in here:

I don’t think all these are new ideas. We are just detecting what the FGC has been doing over the years and organizing it into a website. Here some related posts:
[] Facebook Groups For Communities In Your Area

I love fighting games and the bigger the community is the better. This is my bit of contribution to the community I hope you guys find it useful and fun.

This is our community at San Pedro Sula: