Small Dumb Question

PS2 version->Options->Guard Judgement: Old or New?

What’s the difference?

Old: unblockables are in.
New: no unblockables.

Game should be always played on Old setting.

who has unblockables?

Urien (MAJOR part of his game) and Oro (important) mainly. I’m not sure if any others have them, but if there are then they aren’t crucial to their game.

Don’t forget Ryu SA3 :wgrin:. Yang has an unblockable w/ SA3 too, right? Something like… (knockdown, cross-up dive kick, c.SP, c.RH) x N?

New = Retarded.
It just breaks the game even more, now that there are less characters who can stand up to Yun, Chun, and Ken.

Urien isn’t anywhere close to being the same without his Aegis unblockables.

Urien on new judgement isn’t as bad as people make it.

If you really think about it, you only lose your midscreen UB, which everyone can pretty much parry -> throw now.

Corner UB is still alright, and he still has his pokes and mixup games.

Another small dumb question: what makes a so-called “unblockable” unblockable anyway? Is it unblockable, or just very difficult to block? I mean, if people can learn to block them, then what makes an unblockable any different from mix-up games…

For certain setuss, it really is unblockable (but not unparryable) and virtually impossible to escape. Aegis and Yagyou unblockables work because the aegis or yagyou is on one side of the person (forcing them to block one way), while the charcter is hitting them from the other direction. You can’t block both ways, so therefore you can’t block the attacks.

Yang’s Unblockable maybe blockable… I’m not too sure actually. I’m pretty sure it is though, because doing the cross-up dive kick hits high from one side, while the crouching strong will hit low on the other.

Nah, unblockables only work with projectiles. I’ll try to make this very clear. Player 1 (P1) is on the left and P2 is on the right. P1 throws a multihit projectile. After blocking the first hit, P2 MUST hold right to block the rest, regardless of where P1 is. So… if P1 gets on the right side and hits P2 at the same time the 2nd, 3rd, etc. hit of the projectile connects with P2, it is unblockable. You can actually do a psuedo unblockable by just pushing P2 into the projectile from the right side but they can actually block the 2nd, 3rd, etc. hits by holding right (i.e. towards P1.)

Ok, so that wasn’t very clear… Anyway, this does not apply to Yang’s shadows which can always be blocked by holding away from Yang.

The infamous ibuki unblockable is fake. You need at least 2 hits of a projectile to make an unblockable. I’m pretty sure the EX daggers come out to fast to setup the unblockable so that’s no good either.

Important points to remember:
It doesn’t matter which way the projectile is moving
It doesn’t matter whether the projectile is hitting on the left side or the right side of your opponent
It has to hit at least twice

Ibuki’s unblockable is not fake. If done properly (supercancelling very fast), SAI which is the multi hit projectile actually reaches the opponent before the jab dagger which travels at a slower pace even if it was released first, and then it’s that single dagger that breaks the guard.

Only tall characters are immune to this iirc

So for an unblockable, could you like, block one way for the projectile, quickly block the other way to block the other attack from the character, and then quickly block back to block the next hit from the projectile? For example, if you were in training mode and set the computer to block all, could you still hit it with an unblockable?

Unblockables don’t work in Training Mode. And the point of unblockables is that you can’t keep switching what side you’re blocking towards, because the attacks are hitting you at the same time.