Small Evo East Thoughts (UPDATED: Now with Photos!)

Just wanted to quickly say that Evo East was awesome. Tiring, yes. Some drama, yes. Stressful, yes. But there were so many awesome moments that I can’t help but think back on it with great fondness. It was great seeing people I knew that I haven’t seen in a while, re-meeting some people I met last year, and meeting brand new faces. You guys on the East Coast are major hype, and your passion for fighting games is unrivaled. Watching the enthusiasm there always makes me smile.

Just wanted to say that I did not take a ton of photos this year like I did last year. Other people did take some photos and hopefully I’ll get my hands on some of those photos at some point, and I’ll post them up on my Flickr account again. I did take some myself and I’ll put up the photos soon, hopefully.

I did take a lot of camcorder footage, however. But it’s a whole lot of footage (20+ hours worth) and will take me some time to go through. When I get a chance (translation: if I can get off my lazy ass), I’ll start getting out finals match footage.

And lastly, my Hori Stick was stolen from the Guilty Gear qualifiers session (late late late Saturday night). I was wondering if anyone picked it up by mistake. It’s the green stick and green button variety with the square joystick base and the reflective silver top. The six main right-most buttons were replaced with slightly flatter buttons than what they come with. Also, you can recognize it’s my stick because the two middle bolts that are visible from the top of the stick are missing. If anyone picked up my stick by mistake (or for their own use but feel guilty about it), please PM me.

UPDATED: Here are the Photos I took for Evo East. Not very many, and many came out kinda blurry, but enjoy them anyhow:

Sorry to hear that, James. Seems like stuff like this happens all too often at big tournaments.

Shit, man. Sorry to hear about the stolen stick. Hopefully you’ll get that shit back.

Good shit running this, man. I had a shitload of fun for my first EVO East. I dunno if you remember me, but I was the dude that was hanging with Nick T. when we got to the hotel on Friday morning. And yes, you are a ninja with the camera.

This event was just too fucking good. I’m so fucking glad CvS2 had some drama to it. The game has been too quiet for the past few years and that’s the spark I needed to get back into the game seriously. It was one of the better Grand Finals I’ve seen in a long time.

And who knew that Smash Bros. was fucking fun to watch? I may not love playing it, but Goddamn, those kids sure made it worth the watch. Marvel Jr. is A-OK in my book. :tup:

Good shit in Guilty Gear James. Your Johnny is good shit. I made sure to take notes. Not too many Johnny players out here on the East that I know of. =/

And I’m still begging for those JWong/Nestor CvS2 vids. Too fucking good.

I think Canada stole your stick.

Edit - Seriously, I think one of our people took back your stick thinking it was theirs, meaning somebody else has our stick. Any ideas?

Haha. Thanks I guess. You guys are so much better as a cheering section than anyone in the smash community:rofl: Loved the chants while M2K chaingrabbed PC. Hopefully our community learns something.

i have really three issues with evo east…

#1 - I travel three thousand miles from CA only to be put in a double elmination bracket instead of pools like they usually are?

#2 - Smash Bros runs longer than CvS2 easy… so why is it that smash finals gets 3/5 for grand finals and Cvs2 gets jewed again by making it 2/3

#3 - No name tags. =(

other than that, evo staff did one hell of a job.

Small EVO East thoughts? Oh yeah…Yeah I think I have one…


#1 - pools were done away with in 2006, and again this year, everytime we run a tournament it will be double elim. for more information.

#2 - 2/3 for qualifying more than makes up for no 3/5 finals. stop your bitching.

#3 - they were stuck at the printer, nothing we could do.

oh wiz you know i <3 u

The staff did a GREAT job. the hotel was fire, THE HYPE WAS CRAZY!!!

Mr. Wiz is my partner in crime

Me: Yo Wiz i got $539 that sais i qualify, and get 3rd at Evo East
Wiz: $539?
Me: yup

The rest is history

but Seriously…these EVO tournies get better and better every year. The East coast hype is unrivaled

Yeah…no way your Xbox Live butt used skill to get top 3.

I saw him use a classic xbl tactic during pools, some scrub was hitting him cr lk lk lk but did it to slow and out of nowhere you see hold dats super eat him up :rofl: no cr mk no dp just straight up super in between cr shorts


he kept dashing in…i had to do it lol

XBL Rub Out Super!! Too good!

James Chen, Bacardi, and Mr.Wizard it was my personal pleasure to meet you all and you all did an excellent job running the tournaments…it was fantastic and I appreciate you all allowing me to use one TV to setup my SNK shop and run it.

My utmost appreciation and I shall see you all at EVO North.

-Dark Geese

me never making it to the big screen and this year i did…i thought the final 8 teams would like have a new bracket of 2/3…to my surprise we lost once and we out cause the previous night we lost one so it carried over…i think that was stupid…

CvS2 2 out of 3 was a breath of fresh air one random bison custom and u could be out. Id like to thank wiz, jchen, s-kill, chris li, phi, dxp, and bacardi for holding it donw at the tourny.

!Gadgy Super!

Nah, Gadgy could see it, and time it perfectly.

On XBL. :confused:

Wall hitting dudley with the raging demon on the big screen was of the hook…i heard about 5 people including myself scream “godddaaaamnnn!!!” cant wait to see that match vid again

Smash was crazy fun to watch…u know i was shoutin for Chu Dat. lol

Nestor’s cvs2 performance was oscar worthy i’m following him around with popcorn and a camcorder at Evo World

oh yeah…Deus give him the mic