Small fightstick question

Hey guys i bought the hori mini 4 its rly tiny but its ok for now untill i can save up for tournament edition
but anyway , i put it on my table it does have feet but sometimes it still slides what should i put underneath it?
ive tried a book the book works but then the book slides on the table lol instead of the fightstick on the book so im not sure
what the best way to play and hold this thing…

For future reference, small questions belong here (unless it pertains to a particular thread or vendor. In which case, search for their thread.)

Anyways, one idea I saw mentioned on here was to take a yoga mat and cut out a small square to fit the bottom of your stick. That should help with the sliding.

yeah i was thinking maybe one of those razor big mousepats would that do? i think it grips on that stuff not sure or reg mouse pads not sure where to get yoga mat lol maybe order one ill see what i can do i was thinking maybe build like wood around it so its kinda like build into something but thats require a lot of work and its a cheap stick to do all this work for not rly worth it unless it was expansive stick but ill try the mouse pat /yoga mat idea .

Im new to this forum im not exactly sure where my questions go tbh i thought it was ment for here lol

You can find cheap yoga mats at Wal-Mart/Target. Just put your stick on one corner of it, trace around the edge, and then cut that section out. It’s also a good idea if you set your stick on your legs, as the mat is made to handle sweat and things like that.