Small idea stolen from SBO

If time allows, for the top 8, after they walk down the aisle with their intro music and all, have the MC do a brief, 30-second interview with each player. Just ask how they feel about the match, about the opponent, etc. It was pretty entertaining at SBO because fools would get hella cocky, and it made the matches a lot more interesting, even for games that I don’t understand at all.

Just a thought…


Damnit, I just thought of this idea and thought it would be sick! When I go to post it i see its already been posted. hmm. ah well. Here to hoping they impliment this one. I’d like to hear Daigo’s cocky answers.

Chaotic Blue

Really dope idea

Really good idea

I’ve been thinking about something like this too. Basically there has to be a lot more talking while no one’s playing.

I’ve got the Evo DVD’s they are top notch, but IMO after seeing some SBO vids I really enjoyed the brief interview with the players even though I didnt understand a word they were saying it still made it intresting. I watched all the 2d evo dvd’s and above everything enjoyed seth cam the most.

Any way the Great idea man, I doubt I’'l be at the next eve but it’ll be a good thing to have on the dvd’s

Rice amd Peace

We’d just need a good translator like Kuni or maybe BAS, providing they come. Either way, dope idea. It’d really add some extra flavor to the tournament as long as they make it to the DVDs. :tup:

The only problem with Evo is that we need to show more of the tournament to show others, who’ve never seen the tournament before, what it’s like to be at Evo. Seth Cam from 2004 was a nice touch, but it could be a bit deeper. Player interviews of the top 8 from each game would be an awesome addition!

Seth cam was a nice start, but IMO it has to go way beyond that, like Marv Albert status. Plus someone like Jim Grey or Cheryl Miller needs to stand on the side to talk to the winner.

werd. this would be great if it happened.

Speaking of SBO, don’t you guys think that we should start planning for qualifiers and stuff early? That way, our qualifier tournaments aren’t as laughable as they were this year?

How were they laughable. They were alot better this year compared to SBO1/SBO2 qualifiers.

For people like myself who won’t go to Evo but will buy the DVD, this is a great idea put on…as long as it’s on the DVD.

An awesome idea I have is to have a feature on the dvd where you play the match, and turn on player commentary. Maybe after Evo is over, grab the player(s) from top 8 and have them speak their thoughts on their own respective matches. I realize that’s tons of work though.