Small mod tip for Madcatz TE2 + Sanwa OBSN-30 Screw In


Hello all,

Might as well share this don’t know if this has been discussed if so my apologies. Snap in buttons that came with the stick are so brittle as a result they pretty much are all broken once i removed them never again…so screw in it is.

You can use all Sanwa OBSN-30 screw in buttons on a Madcatz TE2 previously the placement of a screw in button (nut) on the left K button would not fit it would interfere with the joystick bracket. And not a fan of bending the bracket…
However i thought i would cut the nut of the button in half so it would fit but this causes to much work. So i ordered one Seimitsu PS-14-GN screw in button, removed the nut and used it on the Sanwa one perfect fit and no more clearance issues with the joystick bracket:


Or just hold the sanwa nut to the underside of the metal panel and twist the button in from the top. Done.


That’s the thing the nut is to “tall” compared to the seimitsu nut if you look at the seimitsu nut it goes underneath the bracket a bit. This may have been an issue with the sanwa one. Hence i went with this option instead. Maybe i overlooked and your assessment does indeed work.


I remember reading that it worked if it was installed that way, but I’ve never confirmed it or seen anyone who tried it. I can give it a try later

EDIT: I seem to have misplaced my last OBSN button so i won’t be able to test it after all.


Tried it my self it seems it does work but…after a couple of tries had to re seat the nut multiple times finally managed but im afraid of cross threading plus takes more effort but its doable. The easiest was the Seimitsu nut no issue at all and at first go.


Yup. My personal experience from years ago was that Seimitsu nuts fit *just *perfectly next to the Mad Catz mounting bracket.

Sanwa nuts don’t, and the last one I did with Sanwa screw-ins (in fact, the ONLY one I ever did with Sanwa screw-ins) I used a file to sand down the outside of the nut, and made sure that part of the nut was against the mounting bracket when I screwed the button in.