Small MvC2 Marvel Tourney-Galveston, TX June 15th, 2008

I don’t want this to be huge or anything because it isn’t. But for peeps that might be living in the near by area that might be interested just come down to Game Crazy in Galveston, TX on the 15th to have a maybe 20 man or so gathering for Marvel. For real pros it wouldn’t be an investment to waste gas or anything because Galveston is very trash when it comes to fighters as only a few down here are pretty good. So any peeps in Houston that I know that takes a look at this gimme a hollar or anybody for that matter.

We are taking side bets $10 to $20. Remember this is a establishment so keep the tourney to yourselves when you come or leave. It isn’t OFFICIAL. No talk of money, PLEASE. And I will declare again that we don’t want that many people. Here is the info:

Hosted by: Miguel and Ed
For more information call these numbers: (409) 750-9573 and (409) 771-3636

Look it up on Mapquest for directions.

$5 Entry
MVP Required
Begins @ 7:00 p.m
Console Format: Playstation 2
Single Elimination (which means that if you lose once that’s it. So bring your A game)
B.Y.O.C (Bring Your Own Controller)

The maximum amount of entrants that we want are 20. We don’t want that many people there seeing as it’s a small store, and niggas are still gritty as ever.

On arrival to Game Crazy we will explain all of the rules when you are there. So spread the word to peeps who might be interested.

And sorry for not making this a few days ahead of time, but I was out of town and not near a computer.