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Donjons you say…

Donjon engine vroom?

Everyone can’t play everything to the max. And there’s just soo many donjons. If the donjon company would limit it’s releases to at most one a year, maybe the players wouldn’t be spread so thin :cybot:

But really, it’s like going… "Hey! Why doesn’t Tremolous have as many players as Quake 3?!"
People do play those games, there’s threads for them in this very subsection.

SRK mean. SRK hate newer series.

i like cake

fuck dude, me too!

Cuz this is SRK an not melty bread, and as you may know… SRK! we da best!

Like this thread?:smokin:

Tekken is going to be SRK’s new SFIV. Real talk.

Advanced Hint: Evo doesn’t like to use PCs in general, since they’re prone to randomness in the form of pauses etc. Doujin games are all PC (arcana heart is not a doujin please don’t start this argument again). You do the math.

You did not earn a trophy.

Would you believe me if I said that I ? for one ? do, too, love cakes?

Is this gonna turn into one of those innovative “Fighting games need to forget about Vitality Bars and Fireballs” threads?

Real talk, every game out is a recycle of pong.
they just added a handful of stuff to each game but if you strip it…
it’s still pong.

Blazblue doesn’t have a scene. There’s like 4 people that play it in the world that aren’t just waiting for the new version. Maybe 5.

While we are at it we should make specials one button.

Nah actually we were just talking about cake, Do you like cake? I like cake…

SF4/Tekken 6 EO would be a GREAT GAME. WOO.

this is not