Small scrubby PS3 community, looking for more players?


So we’re a small group of guys who met on another website (won’t post the link cause I know some sites are funny about stuff like that but its not mine, semi biggish gaming site.) We play pretty much everyday, theres always someone in the PS3 chat room, have tournaments pretty regulary, but the games always more fun with more people. Lot of us are from the UK, there’s a fair few from Canadia and the US, few from Sweden, a Mexican, few from Holland. You’ll probably find a lot of better players here but we’re no slouches. Basically just a group of friendly guys playing regulary and looking to improve, if you want to join us just hit me up on PSN. ID is Pessh, and then I’ll direct you to the site if you’re interested, thats where we set up games, organise tournaments, shit like that.


Sounds interesting need some uk peeps to play against.


Hey Pessh. I’ve been looking for some people to play regularly, and especially what you said about playing to improve. I just left a post on the “Sticky: New members: Introduce yourselves in this thread” thread introducing myself, etc. My username is dannyboy4885. If you have any time, please check out my post on that thread and add me on psn if you think I’m the kind of player you want joining your community. Look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:


Think I had you on my list before, remember the name

Added you Dan, check neoempire if you’re looking for local play.


sounds koo… i’ll send ya an friend request then.


Sweet I will add you tonight. Just might be what I am looking for.


You will get a friend request from me tonight.
I’m not amazing but I’m getting better.


this thread is about HDR, Tekken, KoF, Soul Calibur SSFIV?, be more specific.

I know you’re probably talking about SSFIV, cause is the trend, but is not a rule that everyone has to gather and play this game, SSFIV is not the only fighting game in PSN, just saying.




Decent bunch of people if your about of add Pessh, played with them last night.


FOUND YOUR POST PESSH!!! But yeah, I know a few people came over and they’re pretty good. Gotta get my Abel up to play with you SRK kids lol.


How scrubby? Cause I’m fairly new to the game lol.


We all have around 5000bp or so. Above average, but still scrubby.


If there won’t be much lag, i’m willing to play.
PSN: pozertron
Loc: Finland
Personal preference : Allergic to shotos.

Characters : Guy, Juri. Dan if the connection below/or Yellow


i sent you a friend invite man, Please message me the site. I am looking for a good online community