Small ssfiv tourney at York university July 28th

York Univiersity
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3

at Founders’ College (it could be any room in the ground floor, you’ll hear us)

There is a parking fee of $7. If you drive then you use google maps to know what to do.

Directions by ttc; Get to the subway and get to Downsview station and take the 196 express to York U common grounds. Upon arrival to common grounds look for food court within the immediate building you see off the bus and look for the exit with many doors. As you exit you’ll see a basketball court a few metres away, walk past the basketball court and when you reach this building look within the rooms to find gaming.

Tournament information: We are using a tutorial room for the event so there is no venue fee, simply an entry fee

System: 360
BYOC/BYOS (controller/stick)
Registration: 5pm-6pm, tournament at 6:30pm.
venue fee: $0
Tournament fee: $5
Payouts: 1st and 2nd 70/30% respectively (if larger attendance, 70/20/10)
Rules: Double elimination
Loser can switch character, winner can switch ultra

If there is any more information required or you can find us at york that day. Here is my cell #: 416-453-4461.

I am not trying to reach out for a large tourney yet, we are using one room, we could do two if the numbers get high.

Lastly, if you can please bring a tv it would be very appreciated, the more set-ups the better.


El Taco- 1 360, te stick for 360, one pad
Mikey- 1 tv, te stick for 360
tat- 1 tv 2 hdmi cables
buddah- 1 360, 1 stick


El Taco
Philly Balrog
archmage flash
js master

6:00pm start time at the tail end of rush hour on a weeknight.

Best of luck bud.


I’ll try and make it out.

You might wanna specify the console you guys are using. Don’t want people to bring the wrong sticks.

change time to 7?

So the time is a bother huh. I;'ll change the time to 7pm If it helps but I need to know from you guys. I also said registration is at 5pm, tournament begins at 6pm meaning you guys should be there between that time.

And Yoh, are you the samus player in brawl?

i just finished my classes there and i can bring my ps3 for sure just need to make slight adjustments with my schedule

Leave it at 6

you should tell people where exactly Founders’ College building is at because York campus is huge don’t want people driving and walking around in circles just to look for this building

this tourney is xbox mainly right? cause i dont wanna bring my fightstick if its a ps3 fest.

there is one bus that goes straight in front of founder

106 to york

it will take you all the way behind the campus and you will hear the stop

if not/(Maybe an old bus)
you will pass the rexall centre and there will be a stop with a turn that doesn’t look like the bus can go there

after that stop is ottawa road

and after that is founders.

the entire building structure should be divided by 3 colleges if i remember correctly

McLaughlin (Forgot how to spell)
And founders

you will see signs posted up in the hall ways

Other Buses that will take you to the campus

196 to York
41 Keele
but your better off looking at this

To get there from the student centre
(The main area of the campus)

the bus will come to what would make a right turn were only bus go

you can look to the left and it would look like and smal open feild and pass that is the same one way road that the go ttc and yrt buses run on.

you will not have to go this way, but i thought it was a nice view of some parts of the campus =)

you will be go the opposite direction

the easiest way to explain is to walk down back to the end of the road and turn left and go until you see chimney stack.
you will go left and you will see the entrance to mclaughin
(the doors are black frames and glass)
in there you can ask someone to direct you to founders

even though im typing this info down chance are you might still get lost

the people here have put down their numbers so you can reach them
but i dont mind helping out either

Dude I’m going to shake your hand lol. Epic instructions.

Ok so time will remain at 5pm registration but tournament begins by 6pm. SO BE THERE BEFORE 6PM. My cell is in the first post so if you are going to run late text me or call me.

If you got sticks and/or pads for PS3 PLEASE bring those. If anyone drives I would also like to see a tv if possible, call me and I’ll go pick it up from your car if that is what bothers you. I would like to keep things in one room, two at max, because I want at least a pair of eyes to everyone’s things and this is only possible with more tvs.

At the moment, york has one tv per room and a friend of mine is bringing one tv. If anyone can help out please do.

Also, start confirming, thanks for the suport I see already.

can i pre reg :smiley:

Look, come at like 5:45pm if you have to, but I really want to have the bracket up by 6pm. there are always delays so I am aiming for 6pm because I know we’ll probably start at 6:15pm or so. I need to know all who are entering to make the bracket and have a smooth night till finish.

But is that a confirmation of your attendance?

If you can promise a ps3 i’ll show

if it’s on ps3
count me in
with a stick, maybe 2 if need be

ill bring the ps3 then

but your gonna need to bring your own sticks and stuff

I have my own controller. As long as I don’t have to play on xbox, I’m good to go.

Ok good, mickeyds is a beast, thanks to him this tourney is on two systems. As long as the sticks come we’re completely fine. Are you confirming your attendance guys?

And does anyone here drive who can bring a small tv?

What will the rules be?

im not good i’ll tell you that

(can barely scratch 1000 pp)

you guys will beat me easily i know that for sure

bo5 winner’s, loser’s, grand finals

bo3 everything else.

Don’t worry mickey,myou’re not the worse, I am, so chill out and rape people (not irl lol)