Small things that could have made this game better


I’m aware that this game is not fully hated, since the house is divided to the guys that hate, and the guys that enjoy, now I’m not gonna be telling which side I am at but I would just like to talk about the small things that could have been tweaked to make this game at least a bit memorable and two of those things are probably gems and pandora. Talk about the small things that you think would have made this game better


Smaller stages, shorter length of animation for supers, less frame advantage on light attacks, less priority on jump in attacks.


1-player control of cross assault


I dropped it after 2 months because everyone was playing my baby cakes juri since she was yelled as top tier, The assit gems thing got stupid,so many horrible sub systems, they did not know if they wanted sf or a anime poverty game,alot of my main chars are dlc, i have mained christie in tekken since tekken 4, sakura and blank , game played nothing similar to tekken or SF, alot of the cast needs patchs to make alot usable or have tools…I just said i will wait until the dlc comes out, did no realize it was gonna be more then half a year or even another half a year while they work on the vita version that will sell almost nadda, Ill comeback when the games complete and finished sfxteken 2013 complete edition


OMG this topic again.

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So, people basically want SF4?. PS, it’s not meant to be similar to SF or Tekken, it borrows their influences to create something new. As for jab pressure, as if Rolento, Cammy and Raven are that prominent in the game.


So just small things?

A rematch button for two man endless. I don´t want to lose 1min+ after every match because of the laggy menu and the slow loading times.


Dunno…I just thought it was kinda slow for a 2D fighter. The fast-paced tag-in play of say Tekken Tag2 is a lot more appealing to me, I just didn’t really like the mechanics in this one, so I guess for me to make it better, I would have preferred a speed increase, smaller stages, and some characters have weird animations where moves/combos don’t seem to “flow” for lack of a better term. either way, I just don’t think the game is for me lol…

pointless thread, no offense…


No Boost Combo (Buffed launcher)
No Rolling
Character Themes
The color “white” in customization


Rolls go backwards instead of forwards.


No gems mode.


Removal of most of the assist gems. I don’t see the point of easy input being there for instance. The game’s engine allows for input leniency, and the dreaded input shortcuts are in the game too. Doing moves is already easy. Why have shit like easy input when the game’s engine is bending over backwards to make shit as simple as possible. Auto tech/block goes without saying


block/tech gems

In that order