Small Tournament as a Fund Raising Event? Help/Feedback Needed

One of my friends was looking for ideas for fund raising events for his college honor society. We thought it would be pretty awesome to hold a game night/tournament at the college he attends (Stetson University, Deland FL, about 2,200 students). Unfortunately as far as I know, there is not much, if any, of an established FG scene there already.

I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas as to what would be the best way to go about gauging what kind of interest/attendance there would be in an event like this? More importantly, is there some way to structure an event so that we might be able to approximate what kind of funds we could expect to raise and tell if it would be worth it for the honor society to put their effort and name behind it?

I know this is a pretty specific scenario, but any help/feedback would be appreciated.

Also, I know I read some articles about fostering a FG community/tournament organizing how-to, but I can’t find it anywhere. Link anyone? Found it! It was on

If you had a mailing list to the students you could send out an email asking about interest or a survey. Really the best way is going to be simply asking around. See if there is a gaming club on campus and ask them.

It is really a toss up on whether you should go through with this or not. A lot of colleges tend to have a decent number of gamers and many of them would probably be willing to go to the event. However, you can’t be sure. It may be that they aren’t willing to pay for such an event. Best of luck to you.

Thanks. Yeah, I figured at least getting a (free) regular thing going first would ensure at least there was enough interest for a pay-to-play tourney. It only makes sense. I’ll have to ask my buddy to look into what kind of mass email capabilities the school offers since I graduated last year and don’t have access to it anymore.