Small town tourney in Marysville, WA


Next friday, March 11th, there will be a small time tournament held at the quaint gaming cafe, Rally Point games.
RallyPoint Games Marysville Washington USA 360-658-7940
That’s there website, with their address and phone number if anyone needs directions.
15 dollar entry, bring your own stick, possibly a few copies of Marvel vs Capcom 3 if you have them. Here’s the cut of profits: 50 percent to first place, 20 percent to 2nd, 10 percent to 3rd, the rest to the house. (Depending on the number of people coming)
It’s located in Marysville, WA :cool:


this sounds cool. Might try to make it out for this.

amazing avatar by the way.


its this a mvc3 tournament? or is this also sf4?


Just mvc3 as far as I know, they’re also holding an all nighter the same night, from 8 pm to 8 AM, where I will be as well. If people chip in I can probably find a way to get it ssf4 as well, but for now only MVC3. I know the owner personally, and he loves competitive gaming in general. He’s a nice guy, and if we get enough people confirming that they will attend for ssf4, I can probably make that happen as well.