Smaller form factor sticks?


Hey guys - I don’t have the space (and probably not the money) for a HRAP. Those things are big and expensive.

Are there any decent small sticks? I’m not a hardcore player, so I don’t care if they’re hardcore-uber-leet or not. I just want something half-way decent. I’m currently using an ASCIIware Specialized Joystick for PS1 right now, and I’m not complaining - if that gives you any indication of my standards. :rofl:

I’m thinking of getting a Fight Stick 3…bad idea? Oh, and if you guys don’t want your old PS1/Ps2 arcade sticks I’d be more than happy to try to buy 'em off you.

Bwahahaha…look what I found.


Gut that thing!

If you’re looking for a small stick (and aren’t opposed to building one), check out Slagcoin’s site - scroll down to the Snuff Box:



Gut a fightstick 3 or the Fight Stick PS? >_>

I don’t have the Fight Stick PS in my posession yet, btw. Pondering buying it NEW in box for like, 50 or 60. Which seems kind of expensive. >_>