Smart phone+laptop+xbox=xbox live?


Ol i have asked in multiple stores and online trying to do this to no avail
Can i tether with these three or even better can i just link my xbox to my smart phone?

I would love to be playing sf again, ive got a lg500optimus1 and a laptop with windows vista home premium…plzzzzz help


Depending on your carrier you can just put the phone in hotspot mode and if your 360 has wireless than just connect right to it. Not sure how much data xbox live pulls but I can bet it’ll push your data cap to it’s limit relatively quickly.


I’ve done it before with my Blackberry, but playing on 3G/4G what have you wouldn’t be ideal. Since you’re connecting to broadcast towers from in most cases miles away you will have terribly high latency and packet drops.

If you want to use your Laptop’s wifi to play online with your Xbox there’s multiple guides online and it’s very easy.

But using 3G/4G is a big no no.

Think of it like trying to play games on dial up or satellite broadband.


Yeah, the way my house is wired I am actually forced to do wireless. My solution? I plug my 360 into my Desktop which has wireless and use it as a makeshift wifi adapter (like pzlate was saying). It’s really easy.


My brother does this whenever he gets online with his PS3, Smart Phone tethered to his Laptop then connected to his PS3. We’ve played several hours of Medal of Honor via this with no issue.