Smash Box?

I would really like to get a Smash Box but I have no idea where to find them online. Can someone tell me where to get one?

Smash box?
I didn’t know what that is, so I googled it and found makeup…,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&fp=a08a79cb19366494&biw=1400&bih=887

Do you mean a “hit box”?

I’ve smashed quite a few boxes in my day. I think Fishjie can best help you find a way to buy a box you can smash.

^ lol. Are you possibly looking for a “hit box”? Its the stickless stick that uses buttons for directional inputs. If that’s what you’re looking for:

I Have nothing to add but I felt it necessary to mention you have the second best username I’ve seen in a while. Number 1 still being Count Ejacula.

If you mean a Hitbox stickless arcade the waiting listing is fairly long and they been on pre-order awhile.

It’s fairly easy to mod a existing stick or build one DIY if you don’t want to wait.

Well that would explain why I couldn’t find it-_- I saw someone refer to it as that here on SRK but thanks guys for the fast reply.

hahaha thanks man, Count Ejacula is pretty good. I also apparently have nothing useful to add…

Does anyone have the DIY guide on how to make a Hit Box?

look around.

Mod TE stick into Hitbox? this might be an interesting read for you, its about modding a normal stick to a hitbox

There is also this topic The "Stickless Arcade Stick" Thread I did mod my TE to an hitbox, so if you have questions, I will try to answer.

I am disappointed, and here I thought this was a thread about making an arcade stick that worked with Smash using a Seimitsu LS-64.

Mash box.