Smash Brawl for Texas!

So i wanted to see if there were any ppl in houston that would like to SMASH! The online thing is cool, but i would like to meet some ppl and learn from different players. I live in the southwest side of houston on Synott, and Bellaire, between hwy 6 and the beltway. I dont mind ppl coming over to game, or if anyone hosts at there place, please let me know. The best way to reach me is AIM: jimmylecsc, i work from home so i can pretty much brawl anytime whether it be in person or online. You can call me too if you want, 281.948.8698 ~ jim

Brawl FC: 3823-8211-8818
tag: PIMP

Changing title to Texas, cause you coulda just posted this in the Houston thread.

is the houston thread the one that Daniel power-dn created?

if not can u link me to the right thread? cus ima dummy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the Houston thread is the one Daniel made.