Smash Bros AVs by Request!

I’ll take requests for Smash Bros Avs for anyone who wants them.


  1. You pick 2 chars, and if you want, who wins.
  2. You can also specify if you want any items used, and which ones (I have just about any pokemon you would like coming out of pokeballs, as well).
  3. Choose a stage.
  4. I’ll do the rest.


  1. I don’t have any decent sprites of Ganondorf.

EDIT: I have a kinda shitty looking small one of him now, so if you must have him, request him with one of the other small sprites (see below)

  1. I only have small sprites of Ice Climbers, so they can only interact with the other chars I have small sprites of (Namely, Marth, Roy, Mario, Samus, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Kirby, Shiek, and Yoshi)

  2. My big sprites of Marth & Roy look like ass. (Actually, my small sprites of Marth look like ass too.) Sorry about that.

  3. Anyone else is fair game (Including Shiek)

  4. I don’t have many BGs, so if you don’t want Hyrule Temple, Peach’s Castle, SubCon, Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi’s Island, Jungle Japes, Whispy Woods, or the generic Battlefield, provide it for me.

Here are some samples (They are also up for grabs if anyone wants one of these pre-made ones):


If this goes like my usual threads, I won’t get any responses.
But what the hell…someone might want these, right?


HA HA HA Brilliant! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Now that I have a celebrity endorsement, does anybody want one?

Dammit OC, why couldn’t you be Jessica Simpson instead?


omg iceclimbers

nothing yet…:sad:


those are pretty cool.
too bad i dont really play the game.
But Im sure someone would want one.

I like these a lot. I’m switching between the iPod av OC gave me and my BP av you did for me now though, cause I want to be in the ipod trend while it’s hot. :xeye:

I wish I had premium status so I could get one. Like OC said, you wouldn’t be able to do much without it.

Request away! I’ll make it fit into non-prem.


yo givequicheachance can i get a megaman zero or rock howard av?

…thanx in advance…

-1/2Man1/2Amazing I mean God!


Reread the 1st post and see if it makes any sense. If not, shoot yourself.


shit my bad i should have read the first post!
in that case can I get a av with

1.Link & Roy items
3.Hyrule Castle stage or Final Destination!


See Adam Epstein

Non-prem limit is 20 kb, right?


givequicheachance u r THE SHIT! thanx

Those are pure comedy. :rofl:

If you’re still offering, I’d like Roy v. Ganondorf. If possible, I want him to use his counter on one of Dorf’s power moves, knocking his ass into kindgom come (just like it would in the game :rofl: ).

You can use your Roy or the FE6 version, doesn’t matter to me.

Here you go:

See Adam Epstein

This is kinda cool, cuz you (& Alpha) made my first AV ever, and now I get to repay the favor.

MY FIRST AV (From back when I was SolGoodguy):


Could you make an AV of Samus using her grapple beam and then down throw then shooting a Power Missile Charge Shot at Marth? GAME!!!:bgrin:

BTW can you make pokemon AVs?:pleased:

I can only fit so much into a non-prem avatar.

1 move per char max for non-prems.

do you want grapple beam throw OR power missile OR charge shot? You can’t have all 3.

And yeah, I can do pokemon avs, but I’m not a big fan, so if you want someone other than pikachu/mewtwo/pichu/jigglypuff, all I can do is 1 still frame unless you provide sprites.




Can I get a Ness one with no items and him lighting Fox on fire? It’d be awesome if you had it say: “Hey Fox. Remember that time you called me low-tier?” “Uh…I think so.” “WELL BURN FOR IT!!!” And then pk fire.:cool: If that’s too difficult to do then just tell me. Thanx.

EDIT: Obviously Ness wins. And how about Kirby’s stage (the one that drops the yellow blocks and has the tree.)