Smash Bros. > Guilty Gear/Street Figher etc

I’ll tell you guys right now that the SSB series is a lot more dependent in skill than series like GG and SF, both of those are nothing but luck.

Honestly I’ve been to numerous GG tournaments and I’ve made it to the finals in all of them by button mashing and button mashing alone. With SSB tournaments though, I actually have to TRY.


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Anime Conventions and the Mall are called free pickings, I’ll bet you in both for 100$ though.

april fools!

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Yeah obviously you have to TRY to mash harder in smash

and yeah, I would be winning tourneys by mashing too if the other players were completely retarded/n00bs/scrubs/Smash bros players like the ones you play against

Regardless, he still has a join date of 2008, he could be serious :rofl:

That’s the only April Fools joke that made me laugh so far.

Not Brawl, that game is trash.

april 1st 2008 member

obviously serious business poster

Brawl suck’s ass :arazz:

You must be really fucked up in the head.

BTW there are a lot of people in my city, who thinks that SSBB, Naruto shippuden accel 2 and Dragon ball z sparking meteor are actually better than KOF, SF, GG and those games…weirdos…

There are a lot of people who also think they can do a kamehameha in real life.

The Best joke of April fools day that i’ll remember for my entire life

Brawl better than GG and SF

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Now you made my day so ugly, seriously.


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obvious flame bait :sad:

edit: why do you guys even humor this idiot by posting wasting srk’s bandwidth to boot? i dont get it.