Smash Bros. Melee Tournament at Tustin, California

hey! Play N Trade is hosting a Smash Bros. Melee Tournament on OCt. 26 at The District Shopping Center…It Not a joke…if you check on the tournament sheet they have, it didn’t anything about a tournament on that date…Why? because IVC Video Gamer Club is Hosting for all you guys…=) So the prize is…$100 for first place, $50 for Second Place, and 25 for 3rd place! It start at 1pm. The Entry Fee is $10. It the Play N Trade at the New shopping center call The District with Best Buy, Boarder Bookstore, AMC and Whole food market, Micheals, Costco, and Target! See ya there SMASHERS!!! f you are going to sign up at the last minute…Sign up at least a hour before the tournament start so that way…IVC and Play N trade won’t have problems with the bracket. =)

here are the rules:

  1. One on One


  3. 4 Stocks Only

  4. Banned Stages: Icicle Mountain, Termina Bay, Flat Zone, Hyrule Temple, Venom, Brinstar Depths, Fourside, and Yoshi’s Island.

  5. Spectators may not give instructions to players while they battle. Spectators that are currently enter in the tournament, shout instructions to players will forfeit their match. If not, please be quiet or we will tell you to leave which we hate to do but for the sake of the players. Cheering and clapping is ok!

  6. If we call your name and not presented in 5 minute…then we forfeit your match on the spot! ( FEAR NOT! as this rule can be bend under certain conditions) So the tournament can be a one day to a two days events

  7. No Items

  8. If a Draw happen…then sudden death on Final Destination with one stock

  9. Best Two Out Of Three rounds