Smash bros U vs Melee


hi to all. I decided to go in SSB game. I have an old gamecube and a wiiU. I want to play this series only for competitive, I am not interested in graphic etc. Is better for me SSB Melee or SSBwiiU? Which community is bigger? I am answering this because I see in evo2016 there are all these 2 games (and first is a 2001 game). sorry for bad English thx if u can asnwer


Melee if you have the time to put into it.

WiiU if you don’t.




How to play online in Ssb melee? Isnt there online multiplayer in this game?


Melee netplay is via Dolphin emulator.


But i have to play on PC or on gamecube? I have to buy original game?


I recommend you go in to smash boards. they have better resources for smash related cotent.


Similar to what Komatik said, if you want to do Melee netplay, Dolphin (in other words, PC) is your best alternative. Anther’s Ladder is a good place to go to for an idea on what to do, as far as how to set things up (and find matches). You can also find matches there for Smash Wii U as well. I think Smashboards can work as well.

At the end of the day, what matters is finding the Smash game that works best for you. Good luck on your endeavors.


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