Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- Pugilist Parries Potted Plants, Pussycats; Purple Plumber Proponents Pissed


This does give us some direction in speculation, at least. Aside from Piranha Plant (which feels very much like a Sakurai choice), this means that the 5 DLC characters are based more on what Nintendo feels is important rather than Sakurai.
So based on this, what do y’all think are some franchises and/or partnerships that Nintendo might want to promote via these new characters?

First-Party guesses:
Prior to the Direct I would have said either ARMS or Xenoblade were the most likely choices, but now I just don’t know what they’re going to do.
I suppose it’s still possible that they pick another Zelda character to add. It would be interesting to see who they consider worth putting in.
I kind of hate to say it, but it seems highly likely we’re getting another character from Pokemon (to promote Gen 8) or from Fire Emblem (to promote Three Houses).

My Third Party guesses got unexpectedly long...
  • Capcom and Konami each have three characters. Pass.
  • SEGA has 1.5 characters (Sonic and Bayonetta). With Knuckles, Shadow, Robotnik, and Tails effectively deconfirmed, I feel like the Sonic series is tapped out. I’d be hard pressed to pick another strong SEGA franchise that Nintendo has history with.
  • I said previously that I highly expected another SquareEnix character, but considering the red tape apparently associated with them just for music, I now question how likely that is. RIP Geno and Sora.
  • Considering that Bandai Namco has been so involved in development, I’m shocked PAC-MAN is their only contribution so far. They have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Maybe the Prince of All Cosmos? Or someone from the Tales series?
  • Nintendo is on really good terms with Ubisoft and they don’t have any representation yet, so Rayman might have a pretty decent chance. Just PLEASE not a Rabbid.
  • I really really really wish Rare hadn’t been bought out by Microsoft. Banjo-Kazooie is easily my most desired character now that both Ridley and Simon are in. But they’re also the character from the Grinch leak that I most doubted just because I can’t see that ever happening as long as Xbox is a thing.


Piranha Plant was a “meme character? I’ll show you a REAL meme character!”



Guile’s theme arranged by Yuzo Koshiro got put up this week

Surprisingly straight forward


I was actually rooting for Springman of ARMS and Shovel Knight to be part of the roster but they became an assist trophy instead. For the 5 DLC, I think it’l include characters from Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Arms, and Pokemon (Gen 8).