Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


Discuss. Lots of fun stuff coming in.

E3 2018 Thread: THIS PARTY'S GETTING CRAZY...LETS ROCK! Day 3, Last Day of E3! Streams, Interviews, and Gameplay!

SO MUCH STUFF!!! Nintendo can do no wrong.

They have short demo videos for every character here:


Honestly if there were still a community here I’d be hype. Given your AV I’m sure you’re pumped for Snake returning. I know I’m about to put a giant Buster Sword in dat ass


Haha, I mostly have this avatar because I think it’s hilarious and I hadn’t used it for years.
I’m excited that he’s back, but honestly I’m too hyped for Ridley to care that much.

At the very least I’m going to be playing Ridley, Greninja, Wario, and Mewtwo, but with a cast of 66 characters (at minimum), there’s going to be something for everyone.
Damn I’m excited.


I’ll stick with my main 3 of DK, Wario, and Cloud. Though I’d love for Mac to not suck now. Did you see there’s no more of that Side B meme going on now?


I saw it. In fact, I saw a lot of small QoL tweaks on almost everyone.
Gonna go through again and start compiling a list.


There’s a lot. Looks Like Ganon’s his own man now, at least.

It only took them 4 games


But, but… he’s so big…


Maybe Midgar will have more than 2 songs again.


Been a longtime since I got into Smash…I got the last one on both Wii U and 3DS but fell off for other games…I’ll try to get back into it full force for this game.


I’m willing to re-start the league if we get enough people interested


I’m going to guess for the “echo characters” were going to get Shadow for Sonic and Ken for Ryu.


I just sat through all of those mini vids posted…worth it


Ken maybe. Shadow’s already an assist, so that’s unlikely. Might see Knuckles though


Knuckles already confirmed as an assist in this one. He shows up in Sonic’s demo vid, but he also just got summoned during the Invitational.



If Bayo wins the invitational, I’ll laugh may ass off.


Can you link?



Oh…looks you’re you’re already on the case @Colonel-Gilgamesh Nice. I will be subscribing.