Smash Bros Ultimate Thread- The game is finally hear to steal the hearts of all Smashers


People have worked it out to say “Spirit” so i don’t have a clue what it is. I hope it’s a subspace


Sub space would be the best. Easily the best part of brawl


Stage Builder would be placed under the “Games and More” listing, I suspect. So it’s probably something more exciting to the masses, like a story mode.


Hmmm…just noticed in the trailer, that DK suddenly gets gloves when going in for the punch with K Rool. That’s a fun detail. Makes me wonder if that reskin from Brawl Minus will show up


I wanted to point out that you were right UnSaxon. Apparently the guys in charge of the website snuck in some castlevania at the end of the music clip. Other people also caught it.

So with all the stuff that came up today, the site has been updated with another track to listen too

Bloody Tears/Monster Dance by Michiku Naruke


…I just noticed in the Direct they still only have 2 songs for Midgar.

Profound Sadness


Oh my God… I just realized…
We’re going to get Amiibo for both Belmonts and for K.Rool.


Here are a handful of the ways Final Smash could be toned down appropriately for Meter form.

  • We already have two other ‘meters’ that are toned down by adding a timer, why no one for the Final Smashes?
  • Global Final Smashes get an effectiveness nerf. Bayo’s time slow is decreased in duration(Lets say from 7 seconds to 3), while the threshold for the instant kill increases (From 100% to 150%). Peach spawns less peaches, they’re asleep less, etc.
  • Final Smashes are blockable. Pretty easy there.


I’m just now taking a good look at the stages page on the website and god damn man…they did some good work on the old Melee and 64 stages and also the 3DS ones. Fourside’s lighting looks amazing. Rainbow Cruise, Great Bay with the new moon model, Norfair has so much more shit going in the background now, Gerudo Valley, Spirit Train…just…They put so much work into all of this.

I had to do a kind of quick comparison between Wii U’s Guar Plains and shot of it on the website and they’ve nearly remodeled the entire valley in the background. WHO WOULD EVEN NOTICE THIS!? And they took the time to do it anyway!


I didn’t know Brawl in the Family was still updating their blog, nor did I know the author had a Twitter.
Until today.


He pretty much does Waluigi stuff (since it’s his best work), and infrequently. Basically when something inspires him.


You misunderstand. I’m hype as hell for the game. Its the people playing it that are a problem.


I’m slightly offended that you lumped us in with the normal smash crowd to be honest.


‘Double posting’ as I have a separate idea.

So, apparently a few folks over on smashboards have been discussing experimenting with the “you build a team of fighters and each character only gets X stocks” format. I happen to really like this idea, as it means characters who get shut down extremely hard by X or Y top tier character can still be fielded. Ness becomes less of an extreme risk if he’s only 1/3rd of your force, for example. Same for Little Mac.

What would you guys say to trying out this rule for our community?


And you get one stock per character? What about the opponent? If the opponent wins, does he have to change and it’s Best of 3, or does he stay on and it’s first to lose their characters loses?


Lemme rewatch the Direct real quick, but I think “KOF Style teams” is a built in mode now?

EDIT: Yes, it is! It’s called “Squad Strike” and offers 3v3 or 5v5 KOF style elimination play. I think this is a great idea and would like to see if we’re willing to try it out.


Squad Strike in general is a really cool idea. What I want to see is if you get a specific number of stocks per character (Crew Battle style) or if it’s one character, one stock (similar to Smash Tour). Or maybe both? Either way I think it has potential for side tournaments.
Regardless, both Squad Strike and Smashdown seem like crazy fun modes for casual play.



Pick Five Bosses for Not-Subspace-Emissary. READYGO

  1. Kracko (Kirby)
  2. Hades (Kid Icarus)
  3. Guzzlord (Pokemon)
  4. Andross in Monkey Form (Star Fox)
  5. Arsenal Gear (Metal Gear)


Cackletta and Fawful
Dr. Eggman